IA Daily: Don’t Forget Al Auguste!

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Just a few years ago Al Auguste was winning professional bodybuilding contests; placing as high as Top-Five in the 212 Olympia, and considered to be among the best athletes in the 212 division, if not the entire sport. However, following a major knee surgery and nearly two years away from the stage, it appears the 2010 USA Overall-Champion has made some major strides on his long road to recovery.

al auguste_ifbb_212

al auguste_ifbb_212_tricepIf we hopped in the Delorean and flashed back just a few years, we’d see that once upon a time Auguste was one of the hottest commodities in bodybuilding. After winning his pro card at the aforementioned USA Championships, Auguste promptly went on to win his pro debut in front of a hometown crowd, at the 2011 Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships. Auguste would then take 9th place at his Olympia debut later in the year. With so much positive moment,  stardom seemed immanent for Auguste.

The start of the 2012 contest season only solidified what we’d all learned the year prior – Al Auguste is a damn good bodybuilder. He kicked off the year by winning the Desert Muscle Classic, and repeated at the Europa Orlando. Topping off a phenomenal season with a 5th place finish at the 212 Olympia, in a lineup that featured some of the best athletes in the division.

2013 we saw Auguste abruptly take a half step backwards, never hitting the peak performance we’d become accustomed to from him. This negative momentum came to a head in 2014, when Auguste suffered a knee injury. However, it seems once again things are looking up for Al, who recently joined forces with upcoming prep-coach, AJ Sims. The duo has been seen training together on social media, with AJ making this exclusive statement to Iron Affinity about his partnership with Auguste:

I got a hold of Al in December of 2014 . Already being a fan of his physique since he turned pro, I was pretty excited about the opportunity to take him under my wing. After 6 weeks under my dietary and training guidance, he put on almost 20lbs while improving his conditioning. Truly a genetic freak, but at the same time very meticulous about everything I have him do. I’m very much looking forward to helping him achieve his best condition to date.

Auguste with AJ Sims

Auguste with AJ Sims

Most indications are Auguste will not be making a comeback this year; but when he does, it’s likely Al will remind us why we shouldn’t forget that at his best, he can hold his own in just about any lineup.

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