Alberto Nuñez – Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Natural Pro and Prep Coach, Alberto Nuñez goes over the fundamentals of incorporating occlusion training into your on or off season

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Alberto Nuñez – Blood Flow Restriction Training


“My name is Alberto Nunez, I am a 27 year old lifetime natural bodybuilder. I started competing in bodybuilding in 2007, and quickly moved up the amateur ranks. Earning pro cards in the PNBA, NGA, and finally earning my WNBF Pro card as a light weight in the INBF Capital City show in 2008. I then competed in my first pro show, the WNBF Mid-America Pro-Am in 2008. I just completed my 2011 contest season where I was able to showcase a much improved physique, and correct many of the errors I made in my 2008 season. I am also completing my degree in dietetics.

Considering where I started, or rather how small I started, the fact that I am bodybuilding is still something that is hard to believe at times. Even more is the fact that I have indeed found some success in this sport. I attribute this to hard work, and a passion for this sport. I apply my work ethic to scientifically sound approaches to my training, nutrition, and supplementation. I have spent a great deal of time over the years researching, and learning, sifting through what is often sensationalism, and pseudo-science based approaches that plague this sport. This has been the biggest key to my success.

Certifications and Education

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (Prior)

INBF Certified Bodybuilding Judge

“Where there are no men be a man. Even a genius asks questions. Knowledge is the child of confusion.” 


NGA Pro Atlas – 4th

IFPA Pro USA – 6th

IFPA Pro International – 4th Lightweight

NPC San Francisco – 3rd Middleweight

IFPA Yorton Cup Pro World Champiosnships – 6th Lightweight

APA “All Raw” Billy Funk Memorial Championships – 1st 181lb. Open Division

APA “Raw” Northwestern Regional Power Lifting Champinships – 2nd 198lb. Open Division

WNBF Mid America Pro Championships – 11th 

INBF Capital City Natural Campionships – 1st *WNBF Pro Card

NGA Mr. Natural California – 1st *NGA Pro Card

INBA 13th Annual Silver & Black Classic – 1st *PNBA Pro Card

NGA Mr. Natural California – 2nd”