IA Daily: Alexander Federov, Comeback 2015?

admin April 15, 2015 Comments

Once upon a time, Alexander Federov was considered the hottest commodity in bodybuilding. After earning his pro at the 2003 European Amateur championships, Federov vaulted into the headlines at the Russian Grand Prix where he took 3rd behind Ronnie Coleman at the peak of his insanity, and a surging Jay Cutler – with some even claiming that the Russian giant bested Coleman and Cutler in various poses.

Russian_Grand_Prix_Ronnie Coleman_Alexander Federov

When the Federov hype was at its apex just before the 2005 Olympia, Flex dubbed Federov the next big thing, and some even went so far as predicting that he would challenge Coleman for a title shot. However, whether it was from the pressure, mistiming, or just flat out being unprepared, Federov took the Olympia stage looking completely forgettable, and seemed to fade away into obscurity almost as quickly as he appeared.

After an absence that spanned over a decade, Federov is apparently back, looking bigger, badder, and scarier than ever. At this past weekend’s FIBO Power event, one of the sport’s true enigma’s was seen standing alongside the likes of Coleman and Cutler, with the latter looking like they’ve moved onto the next phase of their respective career’s, and the former looking like he stepped straight out of a time machine from 2003.alexander fedorov_ronnie coleman_2015

Predicting what will happen next with Federov is next to impossible, but it would make for quite the story should he manage to win a few shows, make his way the Olympia stage, and attempt to challenge the sport’s new champ in some perverse form of manifest destiny.

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