IA Daily: An Nguyen, California Pro Show Threat!

admin May 19, 2015 Comments

An Nguyen IFBB Pro BodybuilderAlthough the name An Nguyen may not resonate with casual bodybuilding fans, that doesn’t change the fact that the former NPC National Heavyweight Champion is one hell of an athlete. Since turning pro back in 2011 Nguyen has quietly amassed top eight finishes on eight separate occasions, and has a legitimate claim to being one of the most underrated athletes in the sport. Last year Nguyen brought what was arguably the best look of his entire career to the stage at the Chicago Pro show, and was rewarded with a 4th place finish for his efforts.

Nguyen’s physique doesn’t have any glaring weak points, but if he’s had one problem that’s seemed to haunt him throughout the early part of his career it’s been consistency with his conditioning. For all of his merits on the stage, he still hasn’t managed to consistently bring in that dry, crisp level of conditioning that fans and judges have all been waiting for.


Nguyen is currently just a few days out from stepping onstage at this weekend’s California Pro Show. Under the guidance of the legendary Don Long, An appears to be on track to bring in his best look ever. Although the lineup doesn’t appear to be particularly deep, Nguyen is still going to have to contend with the likes of Brad Rowe, a much improved Keith Williams, and rookie sensation Dallas McCarver who will be making his pro-debut. If he can find a way to bring in the necessary level of conditioning, he could very well find himself ending the weekend with his first pro win, and an Olympia qualification for his efforts.

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