IA Daily: Anthoneil Champagnie, 2015 Comeback?!

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Anthoneil Champagnie_New York ProAt the 2012 NPC National Championships, there were two future stars that were predicted to come out of the Heavyweight division. While one has gone on to emerge as one of the truly great up-and-coming talents in the sport, a guy by the name of Justin Compton, the other has flown inconspicuously under the radar for the last three years.

Although it may be hard to remember now, at the time Heavyweight runner up Anthoneil Champagnie was regarded as the next great athlete to emerge from the New York bodybuilding scene. Blessed with the type of genetic gifts that most athletes would kill for (insert Craig Titus joke) – narrow waist, explosively round muscle bellies, classic symmetry – Champagnie’s future looked to be every bit as promising as Compton’s.

However after one pro appearance, a series of injuries, and an absence of over two years away from the stage, it seems like most fans have all but forgotten about Champagnie. Perhaps all this  is about to change. Recently Champagnie has been spotted putting in some serious work in the gym. Now that he’s finally healthy, and back to training at full capacity, Champagnie looks to be back, bigger than ever, and hungry to make his mark on a bodybuilding world that once appeared to be his for the taking.

As to what his future may hold – no one can say for certain;  however, should he decided to push all of his chips to the center of the table and go all in, he might have a chance the make the game verrry interesting.

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