IA Daily: Arnold Brazil, Bodybuilding Report! (2015)

admin June 1, 2015 Comments

One of the least-shocking outcomes of the year thus far, a monstrous looking  Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy bested a very deep lineup at the Arnold Brazil over the weekend. Ramy gave an awe inspiring display of his physique, but we’ve already heard a few grumblings about his level of conditioning – or lack thereof. Some even if the title was deserved, going as far as to say that he should’ve dropped as low as 3rd behind the much sharper Cedric McMillan and Juan Morel.


While the show appeared to be Ramy’s to lose from the moment he stepped onstage, the real battle in Rio was for second place between the aforementioned McMillan and Morel. Cedric brought in what may be the best look we’ve ever seen from him, showing off the combination of mass, structure, and classic lines that makes his physique so unique. Not to be outdone, Morel continues to look like one of the real up and coming athletes in IFBB professional bodybuilding ranks; bringing a look to Brazil comparable, if not slightly better than what we saw a few weeks prior at the New York Pro.

Mamdouh Elssbiay_Big Ramy_Arnold Brazil_Juan Morel_Cedric McMillan_Comparison

In 4th and 5th respectively were Victor Martinez and Toney Freeman, both of whom don’t appear to be losing any tread on the tires. The former champion, Brandon Curry received 6th place, edging-out the best version of Fred Smalls we’ve ever seen, as he settled for 7th. Rounding out the top eight, Lionel Beyeke; who showed up in classic Beyeke form, soft.

If there’s anything we can take away from this event it would be this: at the moment Ramy appears to have moved himself at least one tier above the likes of McMillan and Morel, but with this exact package would be unable to challenge Wolf, Rhoden, Kai, and possibly Dexter – we won’t even mention the champ – unless he can find a way to come in sharper.

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