IA Daily: Frontrunners for Arnold, Brazil

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The 2015 Arnold Brazil competitors list was released last week, and from the look of things, fans who are planning to head south to the sunny shores of Rio de Janeiro are going to be in for quite the spectacle. The show appears to be loaded from top to bottom, even more so than the  Arnold Classic and Arnold Australia, with a few key matchup’s that are certain to have the bodybuilding world buzzing by the end of the weekend.

The Brazilian lineup will showcase the much anticipated 2015 debut of Big Ramy, not to mention Juan Morel, and Victor Martinez, who will be coming off of performances at the New York Pro. Cedric McMillan is also slated to take the stage, and after unexpectedly being unable to compete due to the cancelation of the FIBO show, Cedric appears to be even sharper than when we saw him in Columbus.Cedric McMillan 2015

Add Lionel Beyeke, 2013 champion Brandon Curry,  the ageless wonder Toney Freeman into the mix, and we have what could easily be the deepest lineup of the year outside of the Olympia.

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Lionel Beyeké_Steve Kuclo

Arnold (Rio de Janeiro)

Lionel Beyeke 

Brandon Curry 

Marius Dohne 

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay 

Toney Freeman 

Victor Martinez 

Cedric McMillan 

Juan Morel 

Ronny Rockel 

Fred Smalls