IA Daily: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Dorian Yates Join Forces?

admin April 1, 2015 Comments

A few weeks ago a video went viral that sent shockwaves through the bodybuilding world. Arnold Schwarzenegger was captured completely eviscerating the judges, IFBB, Manions, and even some of the competitors, at his annual Sunday press conference following the Arnold Classic. And in typical Arnold fashion, he doesn’t appear content to stop there.

Earlier in the week Arnold publicly addressed fellow iconic Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates on Twitter, calling to action former Olympia and Arnold Classic champions to fix what he feels is an existential crisis in the sport. There is no other figure in the bodybuilding community whose word garners more respect or attention than Arnold’s. After the groundswell of support that accompanied his last tirade, it doesn’t look like he’s alone in his opinion.

arnold schwarzenegger_Dorian Yates_Twitter_Judging

Whether or not this purposed meeting ever takes place, or if any real change comes about as a result of it, is about as likely as Phil Heath losing the Olympia title this year – Yes, there is a possibility it could happen, but to turn into reality would come as a shock to say the least.Nevertheless, there is a conversation here to be had, and we’d like to hear your thoughts. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter what your thoughts are on the current state of the game, whether or not you agree with Arnold, and if you believe it’s time for a change.

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