Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greatest (Offstage) Mr. Olympia / Bodybuilder

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When you picture the great man Arnold Schwarzenegger, what do you see? Think about it, and picture him right now. Many people will think of him in classic action films such as Terminator, whilst others will think about him in more comedic roles, such as his outing with Danny DeVito in Twins and Junior. His role as the 38th Governor of California made him truly famous in some peoples eyes, and his various successful and unsuccessful businesses throughout his lifetime are what make him special for others. But regardless of what you know Arnold Schwarzenegger for, you will undoubtedly know him as one of the best body builders this world has ever seen.Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny Devito

Within the world of body building, Arnold Schwarzenegger is, above and beyond anyone else, the king of body building. He won the Junior Mr Europe contest in 1965 when he was only eighteen, and the year after that when he could enter the competition as an adult, he won Mr Europe. Throughout his incredible career, he has continued to amaze people the world over with his immense body building and power. Some of his most famous victories include winning five Mr Universes, and seven Mr Olympias. And even though Arnold Schwarzenegger is now in his sixties, he continues to work out every day. For him, body building is not just something that he wanted to do when he was younger, but it was something that was a complete way of life for him. The ‘project’ of body building continues with working out for thirty minutes every day with weights, although we don’t know what size they are!

However, as well as being a god in the world of body building, he is also an impressive weight lifter. In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger has competed in more than a couple of Olympic games, winning weight lifting competitions in 1964 and 1965, and continuing his winning streak in 1966 and 1968 in the power lifting competitions. This demonstrates that for Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s not just about looking good ñ which he certainly did! ñ it was also about feeling good, and feeling strong. He has broadcasted this message through the creation and support of the Arnold Sports Festival, which began as the Arnold Classic. This event happens every year in late February or early March, and includes many different strength disciplines. After starting in 1989, it has expanded from just body building to other fitness and figure categories. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself often presides over the competitions.

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But Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been completely happy just excelling in one area. After storming the box offices for a decade or two, he set his sights on more serious power. He made television history by revealing that he was going to run in the race for Governor of California on television! It was the August 6th, 2003 episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno when the world discovered what Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to do next, and the reaction was incredible. Although very few people actually knew what he wanted to do once he gained office, everyone knew who he was, unlike the other candidates. Within three months, on October 7th of that year, all of his hopes and ambitions were realised when it was announced after a recount that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the winner. He was the Governor of California, and he went on to have two terms.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bastard SonThe public have often believed that they are very important to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that is certainly true, but it has meant that he has struggled somewhat in his personal life. He married Maria Shriver in 1986, but after twenty five years of marriage and four children, the two decided to divorce. It then emerged that Arnold Schwarzenegger was not exactly loyal to his wife throughout their marriage. He had fathered a son with one of their house servants, who he has to his credit always provided for, and the actress Brigitte Nielson has since come forward to claim that she also had an affair with him whilst he was married. It has never been a secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger likes a beautiful woman, but he has also hinted that his biggest regrets in life are the errors that he made that hurt his wife and children.

From his businesses to his cars, from the women to his films, Arnold Schwarzenegger will definitely go down in history as one of our most impressive men ever to live. But his greatest achievements, and what makes him so special in our eyes, is his total commitment to his health, and to body building. Whilst others that have won competitions in their youth have lost it, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to keep up his physique whilst conquering the world. And that’s what makes Arnold Schwarzenegger awesome.

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