IA Daily: Ben Pakulski Arnold Predictions?

admin February 12, 2015 Comments

Ben Pakulski Arnold Classic

There aren’t very many things that are more impressive on an athlete than a set of freaky, separated, “Oh my God are they real?” legs. Let’s be honest, if you want to be considered one of the top athletes in the sport you’ve got to have some serious slabs of thick muscle from the waist down. And there may not be an owner of a pair of bigger, or freakier, legs in the sport than Ben Pakulski.

From the start the Canadian Muscle Machine has suffered from the curse of having a one exceptional body part that seems light years ahead of the rest of physique. But over the last few years we’ve seen Pakulski slowly begin to balance out his monstrous frame a bit, improving a back that was once a major weak point, and even bringing up his widely criticized arms as well.

Last year we saw what may have been the best version of BPak yet when he stepped onstage at the Arnold Classic and did battle with a very tough group of athletes that boasted a few top five Olympians. And now once again, just a few weeks removed from landing back onstage in Columbus, Pakulski looks to be rounding himself into form thanks to the help of bodybuilding icon Chris Cormier.

If Pakulski’s been able to add muscle in the right places to help hide some of his structural deficiencies, it’ll be interesting to see where he lands this year in a lineup that won’t feature Dennis Wolf or Shawn Rhoden.

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