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When I first began training, I had one goal– get as big as possible.
While the physiques of many different bodybuilders gave me
inspiration, I was shocked when I stumbled upon a picture of Markus
Ruhl. His size was commanding, towering. I wanted to be that big. I
didn’t consider shape, or proportions, or symmetry. While Markus is a
great bodybuilder, there IS a reason he only broke top 5 at the O one
time. If this game was judged on size alone, he would have had a TON
more top finishes. Markus let his size run away from his
weaknesses-flat triceps and a mediocre back all around.

When I won my first back-to-back shows, the feedback from the judges
was that I had awesome shape, but I just needed to put on more size.
The one thing they were very adamant about was to “take things
slowly.” In my head, I thought shit! Screw that, I’m gonna pound the
food and gain as fast as possible. However, the longer I’m in this
game, the longer their words make sense. There is a huge difference
between being a bodybuilder and being a gym rat gunning for size at
all cost.

Go to a large BB’ing event. There are TONS of huge looking guys. But
there are not a TON of guys that look great on stage. Some of these
guys have trouble getting in condition, but even more of them let
their desire for size ruin their asthetics. Here’s reality: we all
have body parts that grow faster than others. If you push size from
day one, these body parts are going to run away and just look silly,
especially in comparison to your weaker parts.

Now I’m not saying to not push size gains, but be WEARY of where they
are going. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen a guy with huge
arms and a weak chest, or a strong chest and weak legs. Well…you
know the end result of that.

Get big, but make sure that size is going in the right areas! You can
do this by modulating intensity, volume and frequency for these
specific parts, as well as adjusting KCALS on days that you train
them. Also, attack muscle groups from different angles; if you’ve been
doing preacher curls, reverse barbell curls and supinated seated
dumbbell curls for biceps and they aren’t growing even though your
nutrition and intensity are on point, why would you continue doing

All The Best,

Nick Tong
INOV8 Elite Performance Physique Coach

“Be blessed–humbled–by the opportunity to play the game.”


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