BLP’s Guide To UGLs, HGH, and Peptides!

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Outside of the USA, the worldwide consensus is that the quality of Underground Lab (UGL) Steroids are quite similar to Pharmaceutical (Pharma.) This can be largely attributed to the recent and rapid development in technologies and their availability worldwide. For example, Pill-Press machines are sold by the piece, which allows them to go undetected by federal authorities, as well, top-notch quality filters are readily available on Ebay for purchase by the everyday consumer. The end result is that now not only do UGL’s have better ability to produce Anabolics in mass, but the quality of their product has increased drastically, though the same can’t be said pertaining to Human Growth Hormone.

Something many people fail to realize is that the quality doesn’t highly differentiate between UGLs anabolics. This is because many of these labs use the same filtration systems and methods. The advantage of having a higher quality production setup is not a better product, but instead much faster production for manufacturers.


From my own experiences I too have found this to be true, having used both methods. Ultimately, I have concluded that an entirely pharma-grade protocol while dieting compared to a quality UGL protocol often heed similar if not the exact same results, with UGLs doing so potentially at a fraction of the cost.

Where the difference between UGL and Pharma does have a significant impact is HGH, it’s a whole other ballgame… but then again in Canada we got it cool in all laws pertaining to HGH, be it UGL or Pharma, so that’s not really an issue 🙂

UGL are not stupid, they will look at the melting points, or go so far as to get a gas chromatography mass spectrometry result analysis to see if raw provider is legitimate. But the Government never lies… the best proof are seized custom letters, then you know you got the real deal.

serano-serostim-kit-bodybuilding-ifbb-npc-cbbfSerono-Kits are either taken out of under-quota pharmacy sales and hidden by paperwork where serial code is rip off in case of investigation. The stamp is prescribed and resold after client who received them from insurance tries to make a profit. The best part is the stamp means it is prescribed, and effectively cannot be seized by customs, and so it crosses the border with ease… glory to wealthy canadian bodybuilders

By no means is HGH cheap, in fact, since HGH has become increasingly popular it is not rare to see the upper-class own serono for sake of rejuvenation purposes. But for bodybuilders only the elite can afford or let’s say the “lucky ones” to be polite.

With the size of Cutler and Kai the trend in modern bodybuilding becomes glaringly obvious, it’s kits. Kits after kits, after kits, and that’s how you’ll get a national Super-Heavyweight, or any top national physique for that matter. Genetics does one thing, save you money… No, bodybuilding is not about drugs, it’s about money for the drugs.

I have a side business just for HGH expenses, this is national contender’s reality. Be a great businessman first… then be a bodybuilder.

China owns everything, they are the worldwide king of production. so it is no wonder even the skinny asians own the monopolization of raw powder. It has gotten to the point even well established labs such as Organon buy raw from China as of late. Some will buy contracts with owner, while others will go through disgruntled factory employees via Western Union. It is important to consider that china allows any citizen to receive up to 50k us a year via Western Union, and of course since these people are discontent with their $1 an hour salary, well, we all have to make money somehow..

It’s very complex


Canada vs United States 

With the Canadian government’s change in the laws of importation, the USA has had to follow suite. This has resulted in the scanning at entry now of everything organic. You no longer can hide GH behind a LED light or certain metals, and as fallout of the Jintropin controversy post 2008 Beijing Olympics, the USA has put pressure to stop overseas marketing of GH. As a result this forced Chinese manufacturers to turn their GH production over to underground, black market, out of legislation area, this process became even more exaggerated after Jin had participated in tax fraud evasion. The end result was due to terms of laws the cost of 1gf1lr3 was more appealing as well as it’s 24 hours active life.

At this point generics were either in 3ui a vial or a blend of lr3, peg, mgf, hexa, and cjc 1295. It was legitimate as it couldn’t technically be seized, or id it was no follow up was done. As well 100ui where available to the major players who wanted the lowest cost per volume, and from someone that can provide a warranty of delivery as well.

From this point the theory became that the USA was producing generics domestically, but even then, that could only be attributed to
5-10% of worldwide production, and so this is when a guy like you obviously had to have more money to be around honest players in field. It was very similar to the situation with raw anabolics where only two worldwide players share the authority, so both UGLs and Organon ended up with same final product.

If I had to put a number on it, the proportion of fake GH to real is 90/10, 90% Fake, the other 10% real. Even if real it’s in the 3 to 7 ui range per vial (not the standard of 10.) It’s only getting harder and harder to decipher, and so I will go for pharma since USA FDA GH is quite affordable now if given the option, but with generics just remember, 90/10.

As for the people who have the 10% real, do you really think they need a cute box to be convinced of the quality? No, and I will never trust a cute box, rather, I would prefer try an unlabeled press-puck version first. If I know it’s not good then I won’t try it again, but at the end of the day it’s about trust. So it is important to remember that even the fanciest packaging can contain some of the shittiest products. Oftentimes unlabeled GH is either the same or better than those in boxes, and readily available at a lower cost.


I will go for a guy that sells unlabelled press-cake GH no bullshit, even Serono if I can’t afford that. Peptides are another powerful tool in the arsenal, and they will change our world… legal for now… still undetectable…

Hardcore Peptides USA Quality Peptides Bulk

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Preworkout igf1 at 200mcg boosts both pre / intra workout uptake.
Then peg-mgf post workout helps metabolism and aids mature cells in their proliferation. Awesome, for a bodybuilders who does it for 10 years.

While GH is a long term project, 1gf1lr3 build muscle now, but the body adapt quickly. So it’s important to spread it out Every
So spreading it out over every other day(EOD) is very important.
For those that on GH year round and dont care about somewhat of a blunt effect: CJC/DAC a long GH release that last 72 hours!! Hehe…

The GH production is natural, and these peptides don’t require the use of insulin or t3, as well it doesn’t show any of the typical side effects. It’s very important to consider synthetic GH will make you insulin resistant eventually, especially at the high doses that make the muscle grow.

CJC 1295 – hexarelin combo at 120mcg,  four times a day will equal about 8ui Serono a day, with at 500% less cost, but again you need quality made peptides or this will not be true. Unfortunately the peptides that the Chinese provide to the rest of the world tends to be high in endotoxin due to cheap quality, because cheap sells well.

So what will be a heavy type Top-5 National cycle look like, while sticking to GH by tradition and want the best out of peptides?

  • Mornin lentus 30ui

  • Morning suppl
    Probiotic vit d

  • Gh 6 ui 3 times a week

  • Humulin-R 10ui pre w

  • Humalog 20ui post w

  • Des 1gf 200mcg pre w

  • 200mcg post w peg mgf with 40gr peptopro from + 1 banana

  • Intra workout, 75gr glycofuse gaspari bcaa + leucine + fibre+ glutamine


BLP Ben La Pier Bodybuilder steroids insulin slin HGH growth hormone bodybuildingCycle:

  • 600mg enan w

  • 600mg suspensio a week pre workout intake

  • 25mg anadrol pre workout

  • 500mg eq w

  • 100mg tren ace ed

  • 50mg masteron a day

  • 200mcg 1gflr3 eod 2 hours after gym

  • T3 twice a day 25mcg

  • Aromasin at night 25mg


Preworkout: Rapid cuts allmax + 16mg Ephedrine

Night: zma, cla, omega 3 fish oil high dha

And what will be th keto type prep he will follow ?

Blp type keto!!!ii!! –

  • 12pm 6 full eggs organic + fiber am / pm + probiotic of quality
    6gr sea salt a day

  • 3pm 100gr white rice or cycl dex 50gr + bcaa high ratio leucine

  • 6pm peptopro 40gr + alr humapro + map master amino

  • 9pm 300 ground beef organic

  • 12am 250 gr steak

  • 3 am 6 full eggs semi raw + fiber

  • 6am 300gr salmon + omega 3 + high dha fish oil zma

  • 9am peptopro 60gr

  • all u can eat green veggies 24/7

  • cheat evry 3.5 days / sugar semi fat load / donuts cake pre workout usually legs or weakness

  • hiit cardio srpint on bike 12 min twice a week
    Tabata complexes on circuit 15 min
    like 200 reps in 15 min average

  • T3 12.5 mcg x 3 / clen 50mcg twice a day

  • Light fat burner twice a day usually with dmso cream on abs

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