Next Great Bodybuilding Champion? Daveon Hill

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It is not everyday you see a young person doing the things necessary to maximize their genetic potential, and truly striving to be the best they can be, at the sport of bodybuilding or any activity in life. Natural Teen Phnom, Daveon Hill is one of the exceptions.

Daveon Hill_NPC_Bodybuilding

At just 18 years of age, Daveon has already obtained a physique most grown men aspire to. A rare combination of great muscle-belly roundness, complemented by classic lines reserved for only the most gifted of physique sport athletes (Did somebody say Dexter Jackson?). He consistently shows up in condition (striated glutes and all) starting with his first competitions as a young teen, and has only improved as he continues to build a résumé comparable to some veterans of the sport, all before reaching the age of 20.

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Daveon, Working for His  Family Owned Contracting Co.

Daveon, Working for His
Family Owned Contracting Co.

Daveon regularly beats grown men, as well as competitors whose ‘natural’ status is questionable. If this weren’t already enough, he has done so at some of the most elite contests in the natural organization. Daveon has primarily focused on the natural / tested organizations, where he is already a champion; but, he has also competed in the NPC, winning his teen class and barely edged out in the open. 

In many ways, it seems this young man was destined to be a bodybuilder. In rare circumstance, both of Daveon’s parents were competitive bodybuilders, and competed at a high-level in a number of natural organizations. Daveon’s father was both a competitor and judge, but has been coaching his son from the the time Daveon started competing, supervising all aspects of his preparation. As Daveon became more competitive his father decided to instead focus his energy into maximizing Daveon’s bodybuilding aspirations, and hung up his own trunks. As you can see, that decision has paid off so far.

Daveon Hill Bodybuilding

Possibly the most impressive aspect, Daveon has yet to tap the well of limitless-potential his frame and physique may hold, as he’s so young and hasn’t utilized hormonal supplementation, but has already accomplished so much, while maintaining a level head and maturity well beyond his years. Daveon is a great example of what’s achievable when potential meets proper guidance, and the unique will / desire to execute the tasks necessary for success. He plans on competing at the 2015 NPC Teen Nationals, with the goal of taking the title left open by the obeseness of Cody Montgomery., Teen National Champion. Keep an eye out for this young man…