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“Bodybuilding saved my life, says father who survived aggressive cancer and a heart attack  “

  • David Prescott, 50, began bodybuilding when he was a young man
  • Made him feel ‘invincible’ – but was diagnosed with liver cancer 4 years ago
  • Doctors discovered he had tumours in his liver and intestines 
  • Left hospital with 57 staples holding abdomen together and 27lb lighter
  • Credits bodybuilding with giving him the ‘fight’ discipline, determination and the character’ to recover and become fit and healthy again
  • He has also inspired his 26-year-old son to follow in his footsteps 

“A father who battled cancer and later suffered a heart attack claims his life was saved by years of bodybuilding. David Prescott had tumors in his liver and intestine as well as suffering a massive heart attack. But rather than letting his body get the better of him, he used bodybuilding to save his life – by building back his strength using weights to get back to full health.

David Prescott

Mr Prescott, 50, said: ‘Bodybuilding always gets a pretty raw deal and a lot of negative things follow the sport around.

‘For me, it has given me the fight, discipline, determination and the character to come out of that four year spell of major health issues wanting to be fit and healthy again.

‘Never be surprised with how much your body can soak up, and with a strong frame of mind what it can physically and mentally overcome.’

After becoming a bodybuilder when he was young, Mr Prescott, from Standish, Lancashire, began to feel he was invincible. But in 2010, his life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

‘The diagnosis initially floored me, it was like a steamroller crushing me,’ he said.

‘Yes I had various symptoms but I was just under 16 stone and felt quite literally invincible.

‘My wife Trish and I sat in a side room, and the results were given. In the next 30 minutes I laughed, cried and felt like I had died.’

Mr Prescott underwent a 10-hour operation which took away half of his liver. He left hospital with 57 staples holding his abdomen together and was 27lb lighter.

He said: ‘Everything I had worked so hard to achieve had been taken off me. Mentally and emotionally I was battered.

‘Virtually from the time I got home my recovery was being mapped out in my mind and it was the ultimate challenge.

‘The first week, I could barely shuffle from my front gate to the nearest lamp post. The following week I persuaded Trish to take me to the gym.

‘She didn’t try to talk me out of it, she knew by hook or by crook I’d have got there anyway.

‘The steps up to the gym were a challenge on their own.

‘I picked up the weights and proceeded to curl them, my arms started to shake uncontrollably, I dropped the weight and struggled on.

bodybuilding saved my life

‘This was the start of my recovery I now had something to build on.

‘Day after day, week after week, I chipped away at it, getting fitter and stronger. I was in control again.’

But just a year later Mr Prescott was left devastated once again after he suffered from a heart attack. He was told he would be on medication for life after having to have a stent fitted and he was advised to exercise less.

He said: ‘In some respects this affected me more mentally. To me, it sounded like my life as I knew it was finished.

‘But after a few days I decided to return to the gym and see for myself and I started off very sensibly.

‘However, after a few weeks I became fitter and stronger, I was confident in my ability and never felt afraid to push myself a little further.

‘Nobody knows my body better than me and that’s the knowledge bodybuilding gave me. I just wanted my life back.’

He has also inspired his 26-year-old son David Jnr to follow in his footsteps. The young engineer competes as a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has won the British Open twice alongside many other major competitions.

Mr Prescott added: ‘People say if their story could inspire one person they would be happy. I couldn’t think of anybody better to inspire than my own son.

‘He has that steely drive and determination and a positive outlook on life which he gained having to live through those tough uncertain years not knowing if his dad was going to pull through or fully recover.’ “

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