Do NOT, let someone Shit on your Sponsorship!

admin May 8, 2015 Comments

With the exception of some multilevel marketing scheme, do not let anyone disparage a potential company endorsement. Even a product sponsorship worth little actual cash value to a company, is still more than the vast majority of people who want to be inside the bodybuilding industry will ever receive.

You will likely never get what you feel you were worth at the moment (usually less, but sometimes more than,) and few if any opportunities will be handed to you, unless you make the efforts to seize them. Even if small, you must display the potential to rise to the occasion and beyond when these opportunities present themselves; hence, it is important to treat every endorsement with the utmost respect, as it can be a very positive thing with the possibility of leading to bigger opportunities, within that company and beyond. Though your goals may not come to fruition, it’s a guarantee they won’t if you don’t try.

SNAC Supplements_Bodybuilding

The first ‘endorsement’ I had was in 2011, a supplement log (on RxMuscle, lol) of the pre-workout PED, by Victor Conte’s SNAC. I put extra emphasis and detail into the log to insure it was well worth beyond the value of the $45 MSRP product given to me, and utilized this opportunity to demonstrate that I was capable of doing larger things to benefit the company. This in turn led to a small supplement deals with monthly product allotments, and added responsibilities such as maintaining their section of the website, running contests, etc.

SNAC Summer Abs_Supplements

Contest I Coordinated During Time w/ SNAC

After a few months this endorsement got to the point I no longer had to purchase any supplements, which may not have direct cash value, but when you are a broke bodybuilder in college, anything helps. In turn, the work I put in for this company was a resume builder during my time in school and as a personal trainer, that helped establish / demonstrate what I was capable of, while providing nutrition I desperately needed to reach my bodybuilding goals.

In combination with a series of fortunate events, this low-level sponsorship led to many of the cash deals and endorsements I have today, of products and companies I can genuinely support, as they do Iron Affinity

People may mock what you aspire to or your means of reaching it, but it’s likely these are the people who haven’t accomplished (or don’t understand) the things you are attempting. Every person needs a foot in the door; and in an over-saturated industry such as that of bodybuilding, you need to take any opportunity you can get, no matter how big or small (as long as it doesn’t involve a casting-couch situation) to make the most of it and standout with your excellence. Just make sure that when you do finally get the look you think you deserve, there’s something worthy of presentation.