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According to the most recent statistics released by the APA (American Psychological Association), between 40-50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Every year, couples spend thousands of dollars on counseling, books, and the wide-ranging gauntlet of retreats and literature to help ameliorate suffering relationships. The reason for unsuccessful relationships has been analyzed ad-nauseam by clinicians, relationship theorists and self-help gurus now for decades. A stroll through any magazine isle at your local supermarket reveals a plethora of articles from various digests on how to ‘save your marriage’. Relationships generally fall into two categories, one where each partner finds commonality and the other where there is polarity and the two lovers have nary in common, except maybe an attraction to each other.

I have been in relationships before without much commonality, in fact where it was virtually non-existent. Many of us find out that without some common beliefs, values or interests it is hard to make ‘anything work, others arguing that polar opposites foster loving and last relationships. In today’s Starbucks Overlord economy, people immerse themselves into hobbies, volunteer work, sports or anything to find value outside of everyday hamster wheel existence of American life. We all search for something to provide meaning to the post-future capitalist existence where security has been reduced to fraudulence, and even the emotion of love is packaged into a shiny, presentable product for the masses to consume.

A Couple That Understood  The Value of Recreational Drugs

A Couple That Understood The Value of Recreational Drugs

Some couples find commonality in hiking (a rarity these days), tv sitcoms, and even recreational drug and substance use. Whatever commonality they find, the couples begin to meld together, forming one unique organism—laughing, crying and sharing deep intimate moments with their chosen mutual hobby. It is a beautiful thing to witness, although someone couples become so immersed into the world of themselves they become quite intolerable for the rest of society to be around. I have walked into fast food restaurants before and seen a hulking behemoth eating a stale piece of cod and branches of asparagus as their female cohort ingests a quarter pounder with the look of ‘Please take me away from this existence…’ It is rather undeniable that bodybuilders are inherently hard people to be in a relationship with.

For females they might experience a growing disdain for their muscle-bear as he spends more time flexing his biceps in the mirror, than she might applying makeup before a night on the town. Even a ‘night on the town’ might have to be scheduled for some bodybuilders as they shudder in a worrisome tremble, wondering if their macronutrient requirements will be met for that day. During pre-contest, many relegate themselves to a much regimented, cave-man existence of work, training, food (don’t forget meal prep), and sleep. If a male ends up in a relationship with a competitive physique female (yet is not entrenched in the same lifestyle themselves), they might experience the same woes. It takes a very special and understanding person to date someone in the competitive physique culture.

It only makes sense that bodybuilders seek out their female (or male) counterparts, in an effort to find some sort of sanity. The term ‘swolemate’ (although a bit cringe worthy) has come into fruition in the modern day gym and Instagram vernacular. A swolemate is a sweetheart that shares your exercise/and or competitive ambitions and is with you every step of the way–From sitting at a candle light dinner of orange roughy and sweet potatoes, mutually injecting each other with varying doses of primobolan, to performing intensely-charged anabolic workouts, as the couple sips mutual BCAA cocktail.

It can be a rewarding experience for both parties as each person in the relationship encourages their ‘better half’ to excel. Why not? If it’s not taken to the extreme level of ‘chemical warfare’, a swolemate can be a beautiful thing. I met mine, sometime over a year ago, and what a blessing to be able to share such a deep attraction to someone as well as be there to support each other with goals and health and fitness. Most disagreements can be settled with a round of deadlift cardio, as the two parties no longer possess the energy to be mad at each other. There is simply no better relationship counseling around, than Dr. Iron.

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