What is Bodybuilding?

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 Body Building


Bodybuilding is very beneficial when it comes to keeping you fit and healthy. Apart from giving you a very fit body, bodybuilding goes a long way to keep your mind working smartly as well. Just like the name suggests, bodybuilding is all about building up your body to become fit and proportionally shaped.


It is the most appealing sport to people who engage in certain sporting activities such as boxing, wrestling, acting, modeling, etc.  Body building is not just another sport that can help you exercise your body; it is a great and very beneficial physical activity that plays a very vital role in keeping your health optimal as well as gives you an enviable body stature.

It takes some level of resilience for one to endure the rigors and demands of this great sporting activity. Bodybuilding is one sure way of embarking on a very effective weight training and aerobic exercise for people who are in search of activities that can deliver both benefits to them.


People embark on bodybuilding for different reasons; for some, it is one way of getting the kind of body that is most suitable for pursuing one career or the other, while for others, it is a way of exercising their body, staying fit and looking attractive. This sporting activity, according to studies, has been linked to several health and fitness benefits. Researches carried out by some authorities in the health and fitness world found out that engaging in this sport can help prevent hearth-related diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressures, etc. as well as other health issues like high cholesterol and obesity.


It is known to be most beneficial to the joints, muscles and bones. People with osteoporosis and arthritis have found bodybuilding quite effective for relieving the pains that come with such diseases. Engaging in this exercise keeps your entire body and muscles strong and flexible. It is said that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so body building helps keep your mind healthy even as it helps your body enjoy better health.