IA Daily: BodyPower Expo and Bodybuilding Contest (’15)

admin May 18, 2015 Comments

This past weekend we saw the bodybuilding world hop on a plane and head across the Atlantic to Birmingham, England for one of the biggest European events of the entire bodybuilding calendar year – the BodyPower Expo and Pro show. While many fans may have flocked in mass to take duck-face selfies alongside Dana Linn Bailey, or train next to an absolutely monstrous looking Flex Lewis, others were there in attendance to catch all of the action that was going down onstage.

If you would’ve asked even the most hardcore bodybuilding fan if they’d ever heard the name Kim Junho two weeks ago, you would’ve been hard pressed to come up with too many responses of ‘yes’. But after a very impressive performance at the New York Pro last week, Junho showed up looking shredded on his way to notching his first pro victory, and an Olympia qualification for his trouble.

Kim Junho_2015_212_IFBB_Bodybuilding_Bodybuilder

Junho may have been the talk of the show, we shouldn’t overlook 2nd place finisher Shaun Tavernier. It was at last year’s BodyPower contest where Tavernier made his grand reappearance, after dropping off the bodybuilding radar nearly five years ago. With a very solid performance earlier in the year at the Arnold Classic, and bringing in what may have been his best look ever to the stage this past weekend, Tavernier looks like he’s certainly going to be a forced to be reckoned with in the 212 division for the foreseeable future.

Shaun Tavernier_212_2015_BodyPower

With the Omaha Pro show just over a week away, and the Chicago Pro looming in the not too distant future, don’t be surprised to see another unexpected star emerge from the rapidly growing 212 division between now and the Olympia.

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