IA Daily: Brad Rowe, Old School Physique + Modern Mass & Condition

admin February 26, 2015 Comments

Bodybuilding’s original Mecca, at Gold’s Venice has been home to some of the most legendary figures of the sport. Names like Arnold, Franco, Wheeler, Ray, and Levrone have all called it home at point or another, and perhaps the next great competitor to emerge from Venice’s hallowed halls will be bodybuilding sensation Brad Rowe.

Brad Rowe IFBB 2014 Brad Rowe won his pro card back at the 2013 NPC Nationals where he took second in the Heavyweight class behind eventual overall winner Kevin Jordan. After forgoing the early part of the 2014 contest season as he got ready to step onto an IFBB stage for the first time, Rowe made his presence felt in a big way starting at the Europa Phoenix, where he shocked everyone in attendance with a very impressive 3rd place finish.

After being inexcusably overlooked at the Russian Pro Show, Rowe rebounded with another strong performance at the Ferrigno Legacy Classic where snagged the runner up position behind a resurgent Ronny Rockel.

Over the last few weeks Rowe’s been spotted training alongside running mate Shawn Rhoden, under the watchful eye of the legendary Charles Glass, as he gears up for what many believe will be a super sophomore campaign.

If Rowe put’s in the work and packs on enough size to add some overall thickness to his upper body, he could very easily find himself winning his first pro show this year, and beginning to write his own legacy as the next monster from the Mecca.

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