IA Daily: Branch Warren, Olympia Update (2015)

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After two-plus decades, countless battles against giants of the sport, and more than a few major titles lining his trophy case, Branch Warren has deservedly earned the reputation as one of the most badass men in bodybuilding. Twelve weeks from now one of the IFBB’s truly grizzled vets will be making his 8th trip to the Olympia stage, where he’ll look to show some of the up and coming stars of the sport that the old dog still has plenty of fight left in him.

Branch Warren_Instagram

A Note From Branch’s IG

Earlier this week new pictures surfaced of Branch looking very, well, Branch Warren-like – that is to say shredded and ridiculous – just a few weeks into the first phases of his 2015 Olympia Diet / Contest Preparation.

Branch Warren_2015_Olympia

Branch apparently showed up to last year’s Olympia in the Delorean, because the physique that he brought to the stage was definitely from an era of his career that many thought had already passed him by. After dropping a few jaws, and impressing a few judges, Branch ended with weekend with a very respectable 6th place finish; perhaps more importantly, gave a subtle middle finger to all of the so called experts who proclaimed his best was behind him.

It seems unlikely that he can best last year’s performance; however, as we’ve seen countless times before from Branch Warren, when you count him out and leave him for dead, he always seems to bounce back bigger, stronger, and ready to take on all challengers.

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