IA Daily: Bryan “Beast” Balzano, Off-Season Update

admin January 31, 2015 Comments

There aren’t too many athletes in the sport who went from total of obscurity to the talk of the town faster new IFBB Pro Bryan Balzano. Last year Balzano exploded on the bodybuilding radar when he stepped in from out of nowhere to win the Mike Francois Classic as a Middleweight. Then, just a few short weeks later, found himself on the USA stage where once again his combination of dense, hard muscle and inside out conditioning not only earned him another win, but also his IFBB Pro card in the process.

Now, with another solid offseason under his belt and the tuteledge of friend and fellow IFBB super freak Justin Compton, Balzano looks to be putting in some serious work and is well on his way to turning himself into a force to be reckoned with in the 212 division.

Instagram: sitting at 208lbs

Instagram: “sitting at 208lbs”

New offseason pictures of Balzano has surfaced that show the young muscle prodigy looking like he’s packed on quite a bit of size, and is currently sitting at a very solid 208 pounds. With no plans as to when he plans on making his pro debut, Balzano says that currently his plan is to continue crushing through his offseason and adding lean mass until he feels he’s ready to step onstage and be considered a serious threat.

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