Caffeine as a Pre-Workout for Bodybuilding

admin March 11, 2014 Comments

Caffeine is typically considered a stimulant, and it happens to be one of the most popular ingredients used in supplements intended for a pre-workout boost. It is essentially common knowledge that caffeine helps to boost energy and fight fatigue, but researchers are currently undertaking some pretty significant research to determine if caffeine has other noticeable biological implications that improve workout efficiency.

200px-Caffeine-2D-skeletal.svgAccording to a recent study conducted in England, caffeine, in addition to boosting energy, increased athletes’ motivation, stamina, endurance, and eagerness perform future workouts. Although these results are subjective, it does give scientists grounds on which to hypothesize that something more molecular could be taking place by using caffeine as a pre workout supplement.

In fact, some doctors have suggested that caffeine is an inhibitor of adenosine. By preventing excessive release of this compound, muscles are able to contract more efficiently and without as much effort on behalf of the athlete. It also prolongs the stamina of the muscles themselves and allows it to perform consistent exercise without the quick onset of fatigue. Other researchers have indicated a particular interest in pinpointing the reaction of potassium levels and how they respond from pre workout caffeine. Potassium is a primary molecule associated with muscle contractions and successive recovery.

Additionally, scientists are particularly curious about how caffeine streamlines focus and accuracy in performance. By eliminating pesky distractions and pinpointing focus, individuals who use pre workout caffeine may be able to more effectively conduct their exercises for maximum results.

Despite beneficial implications as a pre workout supplement, caffeine also serves as a diuretic, which means it encourages the body to release extra fluids. Users should be aware of the necessary rehydration to prevent too much water loss. They should also be cautious that caffeine can cause changes in blood pressure and increase anxiety. Regardless of the minor side effects, this ingredient is one of the most commonly used additives to boost the efficiency of a workout.