IA Daily: California Pro, IFBB Bodybuilding Preview!

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The IFBB Open-Bodybuilding, California Pro is set to take place this weekend; though there doesn’t appear to be any clear cut favorite heading into the show, there are a few interesting story-lines that are set to play out onstage.

Dallas McCarver_IFBB_Debut_2015_California

Dallas McCarver, 6 Weeks Out

Perhaps the most intriguing subplot of the weekend, will be the pro debut of Dallas McCarver. After earning his pro card back at the 2012 North American Championships, where he took the bodybuilding world by storm, winning the overall title at just twenty-one years old. It’s been nearly three years since we last saw McCarver take a bodybuilding stage, and since linking up with Coach Hany Rambod we’ve seen him pack on a frightening amount of dense, hard muscle. Whether or not he’s ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the IFBB’s battled tested veteran remains yet to be seen.

McCarver might be an unknown commodity, but names like Brad Rowe, An Nguyen, and Keith Williams round out a list of athletes who look to be in position to battle it out in the first callout. Rowe may have been the most impressive rookie we saw take the stage the entire 2014 season, and clearly conditioning is not an issue for Brad; however, unless he spent his offseason packing on appreciable amounts of muscle, he may find it difficult to notch his first pro win in California, though he is definitely in contention, if not the front-runner.

As for Nguyen, he seems to fall into the ‘all or nothing’ category every time he steps onstage. If he nails it in California, he can wreak havoc, but far too often we’ve seen him fall short of reaching the bar that we all know he’s capable of.

Williams is looking much sharper than he has in the past, and at 260 plus pounds onstage, has a chance to simply overwhelm a lineup devoid of anyone capable of matching him in the size department outside of McCarver.

Keith Williams_10 Weeks_California Pro

Keith Williams, 10 Weeks Out

No matter how the puzzle pieces manage to align themselves, post this weekend’s contest we should have a much clearer picture about how the events are going to shape up, as we head into the second half of the year and the coveted Olympia.

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