IA Daily: Cedric McMillan, Will He Nail It @ The Arnold?

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Are there any athletes in the sport who cast a more impressive silhouette than Cedric McMillan?

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Winning the IFBB NYP

Standing over six feet tall, and weighing over two hundred-sixty pounds onstage, Cedric has the sort of classic shape and structure that makes him appear to be a throwback to an era gone by, with 21st century MASS.

He first caught the attention of everyone in the bodybuilding world back in 2008, when he stepped in from out of nowhere to win the Junior USA’s with ease. At the time many people ranging from the casual fan to veterans of bodybuilding, had forecasted Cedric to be an heir apparent to the Olympia crown.

As Cedric has continues to grow and pack size onto his incredible frame over the past few years, we’ve seen our fair share of jaw dropping performances from Cedric. The largest of which was his win back at the 2012 New York Pro where he was arguably his all-time best. Shortly thereafter, a strange series of events at the FIBO Germany that stretched into the Arnold Brazil in 2013, coupled with maddeningly inconsistent performances, has deservedly drawn some criticism of Cedric.

McMillan Posing Practice

McMillan Posing Practice

Recently Cedric released a video of him looking absolutely monstrous, albeit a bit soft, four weeks out from making his 2015 debut at the Arnold Classic. And with this year’s lineup including an inordinate amount of top heavy talent, it’ll be interesting to see if Cedric can cure what’s been ailing him these past few years and come up big with a victory, or if the debate will continue to rage about when, if ever, we’re going to see the best of Cedric McMillan.

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