Charles Curtis training Delts/Posing

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2013 IFBB North American Champion Charles Curtis training at Metroflex Gym Phoenix as he preps for the 2014 Season and his debut as a Light-Heavyweight

“Charles is a 24 year old Filipino native who currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. First started competing in 2010 making 1st callouts in each class. Winning the 2012 L.A. Championship as a middle, then taking 4th as a welterweight 6 days later at the 2012 NPC USAs. Then adding 12+lbs in a year to compete as a middle in the 2013 NPC USAs placing 5th and a month later taking 1st at the 2013 IFBB North American Championships middleweight division. Planning on packing some more lean mass for the 2014 season. More of me definitely to come.” –

Charles Curtis NPC Bodybuilder Middleweight Champion 2013 IFBB North Americans


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