IA Daily: Charles Dixon, Awarded for Greatness (St. Louis 212)

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The Tank Cometh. The Tank Seethe, The Tank Conquered.

This past weekend the 212 bodybuilding world invaded St. Louis, MO for the Saint Louis Pro Show, and once the dust finally settled, it was Charles “The Tank” Dixon who rode into the show as a one man wrecking crew – doing some serious damage and leaving his imprint on the stage. There may not be a single athlete in the 212 division that has transformed his physique over the past two years quite like Dixon. And after last weekend’s performance where he just barely squeaked in at Friday’s weigh in with a cool 211.2 lbs, Dixon looks to be firing on all cylinders.

Charles Dixon_Saint Louis_2015

Thomas Anderson_Saint Louis

Thomas Anderson

The show also featured upcoming competitors Thomas Anderson and Freddie McCray, both of whom looks to have made significant improvements since winning their respective pro cards in 2013 and 2014.

The emergence of both Anderson and McCray speak volumes to the developing depth that seems to be present in the 212 class. As we continue through the year to see more of our recent pro card winners take the stage for the first time, it looks like the quality is going to be growing by leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future.

Thomas Anderson_Charles Dixon_212 bodybuilding_Saint Louis