IA Daily: Chicago IFBB Bodybuilding Recap 2015

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Jon Delarosa_Chicago_Wings Of Strength_IFBBNot that we want to say ‘told you so’ but in case you missed last Friday’s IA Daily profiling of Jon Delarosa heading into the upcoming Chicago Pro, where we said the show was his to lose if he came in at his best – we told you so! Delarosa took the stage in the Windy City and delivered what may very well have been the best performance of his career thus far, and the judges rewarded him with a win as well as a return to the Olympia.

Some argue that Delarosa may have stolen the show; as second place finisher Michael Lockett did his part to make things interesting, delivering on his promise and bringing in some noticeable added mass. In third place, Akim Williams continued a strong run from earlier in the 2015 contest season. In fourth place, Kevin Jordan was very impressive in his pro debut, and looks to still only be scratching the surface of his potential. Rounding out the top-five, this year’s primary contender for the “This Guy Came Out of Nowhere” Award, Renaldo Gairy, put on another solid showing.

The 212 division 2015 resurgence of Craig Richardson took another major leap forward, as he scored the biggest win of his career over a deep lineup. Second place finisher Tricky Jackson brought in what may have been arguably his best look ever, and his new collaboration with Coach Trey Hodge appears to be reaping some major dividends. If gambling were legal, and you happened to be someone who bet your mortgage-money on Sweden’s Oliver Adzievski hauling in a third place finish congratulations, odds are that you’re a whole lot richer now than you were a few days ago – and you get to keep your house another month, which seems like a good thing.

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