IA Daily: Chris Tuttle, 212 Threat!

admin June 23, 2015 Comments

In recent years, the New York Pro has been a place where we’ve seen the emergence of more than a few future stars in the sport. From the Evan Centopanis and Big Ramys of the world, who’ve shook things up by winning it all in their debut rookie performances. Down to the Aaron Clark’s and Shaun Clarida’s, making a name for themselves as legitimate 212 contenders at the show. The NYP has certainly unearthed it’s fair share of talent, this year was no exception. A few months ago in New York, we saw an absurd Juan Morel take the open, and an equally destructive Guy Cisternino lay waste to his fellow competitors, we also saw the emergence of a potential future force in the 212 division in rookie Chris Tuttle.

Chris Tuttle_IFBB_NYP_212

Tuttle caught almost everyone by surprise with his top-five finish in New York, where he brought great conditioning coupled with good size and shape. After a long layoff during which he had time to rest, recover, and grow, it looks like Tuttle is ready to strap up and do it all again sixteen weeks from now at the Europa Phoenix.

Chris Tuttle_IFBB_212_Bodybuilding

According to his most recent pictures, Tuttle is currently sitting at an enormous 252 pounds. Tuttle plans on bringing similar conditioning to what we saw in New York, with 8-10 additional pounds of stage weight. With 16 weeks to go, it should shock nobody if Tuttle does some serious damage at the Phoenix Europa, a show that he will be very competitive at.

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