IA Daily: Dallas Europa, 212 Preview

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We’re just over a week out from the bodybuilding world invading the great state of Texas once again, for what promises to be another exciting rendition of the Dallas Europa. The show is set to feature deep lineups of competitors from across the bodybuilding world who will be looking to earn a win, and carve out a space for themselves on the Olympia stage, it might be some of the local talent in the 212 division that turns out to be the talk of the show. Unofficial Dallas ambassador, Kevin Ofurum has been quietly putting together his most impressive package yet, and appears to be firing on all cylinders heading into the contest.

Baito_Guy Cissternino_Texas_Europa_212

212, 2014 Dallas Line-Up

Dobri Delev, Omaha Champion

Dobri Delev
Omaha Champion

Last year’s Dallas Europa featured a surprisingly talent-rich 212 lineup, including three competitors in Guy Cisternino, Cory Matthews, and Baito Abbaspour who would go on to find themselves on the Olympia stage later in the year – which is what makes Ofurum’s eight place finish all the more impressive. Fast forward one calendar year, and a one serious offseason reconstruction project later, we find ourselves looking at a new and dramatically improved version of Kevin Ofurum 2.0, looking to unleash his fury on the competition.

As we saw a few weeks ago at the Omaha Pro with the emergence of Dobri Delev, the bodybuilding world is place where strange and unexpected happenings are a part of the norm. Should Ofurum manage to march onstage and secure himself his first pro-win, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone.

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