IA Daily: Dallas McCarver Gearing Up for 2015 Debut!

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There are few in the sport of bodybuilding that look to have as high a ceiling as Dallas McCarver. McCarver set the bodybuilding world on fire back in 2012 when he took the North American Championships by storm, stepping in from virtually out of nowhere to level the field in the Super Heavyweight Class, and on his way to snagging an IFBB Pro card at just twenty-one years old.

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Dallas McCarver 2015 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Debut For the last few years sporadic pictures and videos have slowly trickled out, adding fuel to the fire for those in the camp that proclaimed McCarver as a future Mr. Olympia. But now, nearly three years since he last stepped onstage, McCarver is ready to give his fans what they’ve been waiting – a chance to see him stand side by side with the IFBB’s best and take the first step in what many believe will be a historic career.

Recently Dallas McCarver linked up with bodybuilding mastermind Hany Rambod, and from the looks of things, McCarver looks like he’s going to be the next on a long list of competitors that have found themselves in a first call-out on the Olympia stage under Rambod’s tutelage.

In just under fourteen weeks from now Dallas McCarver is set to take the stage to make his long awaited pro debut. If manages to live up to the hype – then fans will look back and remember this moment as the beginning of a new era in bodybuilding.

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