IA Daily: Dallas McCarver Wins IFBB Cali Pro

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At just 24 years old, IFBB professional bodybuilder Dallas McCarver won his professional debut at the California Pro show, held this weekend in Culver City, Los Angeles.

Dallas McCarver_Hany Rambod

Following his win at the North Americans, then just 21 years old, many had significant questions about the future of Dallas McCarver. Clearly possessing mass beyond his years at the time, and his talent obvious, the big question was if McCarver’d be able to refine his physique enough to make an impact in the professional ranks. Well, Dallas had the answer tonight, as he battled it out at the California Pro; ultimately winning a relatively small yet competitive lineup, the likes of which included athletes such as the always conditioned sophomore competitor, Brad Rowe, and stage-veterans such as  Keith Williams.

Trey, at 21 Winning the Excalibur

Trey at 21

After taking a year off to add needed size, as well as signing with BSN, it should be no surprise that this type of success was possible for Dallas. However, to many it sounded eerily similar to Trey Brewer, whose rise at a young age was as infamous and rapid as his descent. However, this is where the comparisons stop, and Dallas’s potential takes off at the same point in his career where Trey’s sputtered out. Ironically, Dallas’s win tonight was on the same stage where Trey initially established a name for himself, winning the NPC Excalibur at just 21 years old.

Dallas possesses a unique combination of height, full legs, and a small waist. His frame alone makes him a threat at any smaller IFBB event he enters, but it also appears he’s finding a formula and consistency with conditioning. Possibly the most impressive aspect of this win, it seems Dallas still has the potential to grow with ease into larger events, maybe even this year’s Olympia now that he’s obtained relatively early qualification. Though many already were, if you haven’t been, keep an eye out for Dallas McCarver. He’s for real, and we might be seeing him for years to come, so enjoy it.

Dallas McCarver w/ 2nd Place Finisher, Brad Rowe

Dallas McCarver w/ 2nd Place Finisher, Brad Rowe