IA Daily: Daniel Toth, 2015 Debut

admin April 27, 2015 Comments

It looks like we’re just days away from seeing Daniel Toth make his 2015 debut. Toth released a video earlier this week, six days out from the Orlando Europa, which shows the German giant going through a few of his mandatory poses, displaying the sort of thickness we’ve become accustomed to seeing from him over the years.

If Toth has had one Achilles heel throughout the course of his career it’s been that no matter he does, he just doesn’t ever seem to come in with that dry, peeled look that he needs to really bring out the best in his physique. And it doesn’t look like this time will be the exception.

Toth’s physique really doesn’t have any glaring weak points, nor does it necessarily have any great strengths for that matter, but his inability to nail his look on the day of the show has prevented him from ever having any real chance at contending for a win on an IFBB stage.

Although it’s safe to say that he won’t be notching his first career victory in Orlando, if he can manage to keep his weight and waist down, in the right lineup he can certainly contend for a victory if he can show up at 100% later in the year.

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