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I don’t know necessarily know how the public ‘feels’ about bodybuilding and in the end I could care about as much about what the herd’s general consensus is. Perhaps that is why we embark on this endeavor in the first place, because we strive to be different. Every bodybuilder (and God-Builder) wishes to stray from the norm and their perception of what a human body should be. It is much better to sit around, memorize meaningless information on sports statistics, eat pizza, drink shitty yuppy bear like ‘corona’ and criticize bodybuilders and their anabolic steroid usage. However, in my encounters I have noticed the one common thread is that most people agree that bodybuilding takes a lot of discipline. The discipline to live this lifestyle of tupper-ware food, ‘anabolic windows, years of workouts, and at time’s obsessive focus to meet your goal. The discipline to continue embarking on a (hopefully) life-long journey of becoming a living, human piece of art.

It’s been over a decade now since the life-long obsession began. The continued passion to better myself and make into actualization of the human flesh a piece of art I had in mind. I’ve made a creation that could only be mine. A creation in progress, for we are always striving to look more proportioned, more complete, more muscular. In the end we may never reach the goal envisioned, but we can perhaps get pretty damn close to building a herculean physique that most common people would kill for. Perhaps we would meet the goal and set a new one motion and now the process would begin again. While the majority of the herd would love to look to an even smidgeon like our physique, not everyone can. Not everyone can show the discipline to workout for years, cooking and eating meals with a psychotic intensity, at times even our social lives dwindled as you a person fully committed to looking their best will go through extremes of abstaining from social functions with beer and all the pleasant foods of life.

Fitness Meme

I’m sick of the tiresome ‘motivational’ gym memes I see polluting the narcissistic utopia of Facebook. Looking good and striving to do what others cannot should always be the first brick laying the foundation of motivation. For not everyone can do this, not everyone can show the mental fortitude to to always be critical of oneself, striving to be something better. I don’t always ‘kill it’ at the gym. I’m just as guilty as anyone of doing half-assed workouts on occasion. However, I still get the job done and I’m there punching in my time sheet and investing in my future physique. There are just as many times where I lift with the intensity of Mike Mentzer popping amphetamines. I push myself past the barriers of pain and try to find the strong badger inside, unwilling to give up or quit. I take pride in the fact that so many are unwilling to do THIS DEAL. Chances are if you are reading this and it strikes a personal chord, we share the same kinship of discipline and above all determination.

If I would have invest my time in other more ‘lucrative’ endeavors it’s quite possible I could be a financially wealthy man. Possibly I’d be snorting greedy lines of cocaine to rev myself up selling cookware to housewives, door to door. Maybe I could have chosen a more altruistic lifestyle and spent the last decade studying the Tamoya ohboya jellyfish and living a life of penury only to give animated speeches to the scientific community on the importance of my findings. Should of, would of, could of. I chose this endeavor and the rewards are substantial in my eyes.

Recently, ‘life happened’ in quite full force. While I’ve abstained from alcohol and druge use for over a year now, it hasn’t stopped me from making some piss poor decisions. Not to sing the song ‘poor, poor pitiful me’ I realize my wrongs and I bring certain things on myself. Through the emotional pain, heartache, and everyday hustle I found myself living in my automobile for a period of time. Real life imititated art as my now I was ‘fucking homeless!’ (see episode 2: Hardcore). Through all the bullshit, I still made it to the gym and did my workouts; at times even pushing myself more than usual. For no matter what bullshit is thrown my way, I’m going to have this. The pieces of my life came together and I found myself on stable ground once again. This is something that no one can take away from me, and no life perils would be too much of an obstacle to becoming better physically, and as a human being in general. I train people at a special gym in downtown Bakersfield: Strength and Health Gym. We have a special worked out where the guys staying at the Salvation Army (most in recovery) can workout in exchange for scrubbing down machines. These guys make it in everyday and walk downtown in the blistering heat to share our salvation. They are showing the discipline that is crucial to this game.

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