The Force That Is Jason Genova

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Early in my bodybuilding pursuits I would vigorously scour the internet looking for any and all information I could pertaining to the sport. YouTube was emerging on net and had yet picked up in popularity like it has today so there was much less content at the time. When I entered ‘bodybuilding’ into the YouTube search bar in early 2010, one of the first results was the early Jason Genova “My Journey” video series. Starting from the ridiculous introduction music, to his quarter rep Jason Huh curls, I knew at least this video would be a classic, but little did I know the FORCE that would turn into Jason Genova over the coming years.

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(Typical JG Paparazzi)

For those of you who don’t know (which I feel is nobody at this point) Jason Genova is a late twenty-something bodybuilder who resides in Florida, loves Star Wars, fast cars, and faster women. He has been producing a series of videos on the internet for the last five years, as well as a very popular Facebook Page. Jason is a self proclaimed “internet celebrity” and a consequence has grown a cult like following of both friend and foe, all of whom are watching nonetheless. Jason manages to do all this with an acute case of dyslexia, and continually fighting the sea of trolls that come with Internet celebrity. Most importantly he does so while maintaining his positive attitude towards the sport and the process.

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While his physique is definitely nothing worth writing home about, Jason has still managed to incorporate it as a marketing tool, more so than some professional athletes in the sport. Though far from complete, we are all works in progress (well besides Ronnie) and you have to acknowledge he has made marked improvements over these years. Recently under the guidance of Blackstone Lab’s PJ Braun (discount code IA10 🙂 ) , I’ve seen Jason get into the best shape of his life so far, and though far from getting in contest shape, he does manage to shed a fair amount of fat for his shows, even if it does require a simple diet of protein and mustard to keep from overcomplicating things for Jason.

If you are not friends with Jason on Facebook I would highly recommend it. You are in for a world of Anakin Skywalker music videos and pure Lolz. Be it when he thinks he is dating a hot girl he’s never met that turns out to be a fake account, or he cusses out his “haters” in a slur of mangled and broken English that clearly displays the vigor / passion that Jason writes with, and reminds you that you are getting a pure JG response. As well, your FB News Feed can be graced almost nearly daily updates of Jason’s “sickening” gains in some of the most complex and classic poses (some scandalous pics for the ladies too.)

One of the biggest debates pertaining to Jason is if people are laughing with him or at him. With as much negativity that comes his way on the Internet is easy to assume that he’s being laughed at and or exploited, but in reality these people are just what Jason appropriately or refers to as “Haters”. I can personally vouch that I have gone to some of these kid’s FB pages and every single one of them has been an envious, 120lb turd. For every negative comment that is aimed towards Jason there is one or two that is positive and/or funny, and I feel there is a genuine collective of people with goodwill towards Jason’s efforts who support him in his bodybuilding endeavors.

Some IFBB Pro Bodybuilders have a hard time coming out with the video once a year, the team working with Jason manages to come up with content on a regular basis including a multitude of videos at the gym and other facets of Jason’s life (See X-Mass Video).

You have to give credit to the team that produces Jason’s videos because they recognized Jason’s character and potential, on top of taking the time out of their daily lives to record and produce these videos that up to this point have had little to no return, but have entertained thousands. I think most of us would look past a guy like Jason at that time in his life training like a doofus at the gym, but these people were capable of recognizing that “it” factor in Jason and were smart enough to capitalize on that, but without the character that is Jason Genova none of this would be possible.

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