IA Daily: Fouad Abiad Update (looking huge!)

admin January 14, 2015 Comments

If we were going to compile a list of the most underrated athletes in the sport, it wouldn’t be very long before we came to the name Fouad Abiad.

Fouad Abiad Mountaindog

With Coach Meadows

Since turning pro nearly a decade ago at the 2005 Canadian Nationals, Abiad has completely transformed his physique, and molded himself into a two-hundred and fifty plus pound mass monster with good symmetry, great shape, and a knack for doing what so many others fail to do – show up onstage shredded.

Despite the fact that he’s earned an impressive reputation as a coach in his own right, it may be his newly formed partnership with the bodybuilding mad scientist John “Mountain Dog” Meadows that ultimately propels him toward his first pro win in 2015.

Recently Abiad posted a few progress pictures via Instagram, and judging by the looks of things, he doing his best to live up to his nickname of Big Hoss. According to Meadows, Fouad is currently tipping the scales at nearly 290 pounds, but it may be his offseason conditioning that’s most impressive. Despite his offseason weight reaching a near all-time high, Abiad appears to be in more than respectable condition.

Last year Abiad took second in a close call to Branch Warren at the Dallas Europa, but if he and Meadows can manage to combine a bit of their mojo, 2015 could mark Fouad’s first return to the Olympia stage in nearly seven years.

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