Four of the Best Canadian Bodybuilders the World Has Ever Seen

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Canada is famous for a number of things: Cold winters and snow, breathtaking natural countryside / scenery, friendly locals, and delicious maple syrup. It turns out that Canada is also famous for producing some of the best bodybuilders that the world has ever seen. With so much talent it was hard to pick just four athletes to make this list, leaving out northern mass monsters such as Ron Partlow and Greg Kovacs, which just goes to show how dense Canadian bodybuilding truly is. As far as the best bodybuilders that the world has ever seen is concerned, then Canada certainly has created quite a few over the years. Maybe it’s the cool crisp air up there, or maybe it’s the famous maple syrup, but whatever it is, they’re doing something right. Here’s a look at 4 of the best Canadian bodybuilders that the world has ever seen.


 Frank ‘Wrath’ Mcgrath –

Frank McGrath Bodybuilder Canada

Now, on paper, Frank Mcgrath is probably nothing special. He earned his pro card not too long ago only making small waves in the process as he is an international competitor, and hasn’t competed in many competitions ever since. In real life however, Frank Mcgrath is a vascular freak of nature. If you’re familiar with the popular health supplement company ‘Animal’ you’ll know that their famous black and white promotional images feature an extremely impressive Mcgrath, who helped them to become one of the most successful companies in the world with the use of these iconic images (which we aren’t going to include since they aren’t a sponsor, Trollolol.) A few years ago, Frank was involved in a serious Motorbike crash, which nearly cost him his life, as well as his career, and left him permanently scarred. He has now recovered and is quickly making his mark again in the IFBB ranks, with his most recent placing coming at the 2013 IFBB Toronto Pro


Cindy Phillips –

Cindy Phillips IFBB FBB Bodybuilder Female

Cindy is an IFBB professional female bodybuilder, who has not been in the game all that long, and her physique combines a unique mix of ‘femininity’ with the mass required to be a professional bodybuilder (Article: Redefining Female Bodybuilding.) Cindy didn’t even begin lifting weights seriously until the year 2002, and competed at her first show, the Nova Scotia Provincial Championship, a year later in 2003 where she actually placed 2nd, narrowly missing out on the 1st place spot. She competed at various other competitions, again, placing 2nd consistently, until the year 2005, where she placed 1st Overall at the very same contest she first competed in back in 2003. In the year 2007, she competed at the nationals, and although she finished 2nd again, she was still awarded her IFBB pro card. Though she has taken time away from the competitive stage, she has plans to return in the new women’s physique division in the near future.


Paul Dillett –

Paul Dillett WBFF Bodybuilding Canada

Paul Dillett is arguably the most famous pro bodybuilder to come out of Canada. This celebrity is in large part because of his monstrous size, at a reported 6ft 1in and 330lbs in his prime, as well as his high placings in the upper echelons of competitive bodybuilding. Paul was born in 1965 and is now retired from the sport, though is still an avid fan and very active, in fact, Paul is primarily responsible for creating and managing the WBFF, a moderately sized physique competition organization. Before bodybuilding, Dillett used to play football in the Canadian football league, but he quickly found his passion was in the weight room. Dillett began training and competing in bodybuilding back in the early 90’s, and qualified for professional status at the 1992 North American championships. He began placing well at IFBB professional bodybuilding contests his rookie season of 1993, where he received fourth at his Arnold debut, and qualified for the Mr Olympia, where he placed 6th at his very first competition. By the end of his career Dillett had competed in 5 Olympias, with his best placing being 4th  in 1994, as well as a number of lower tier professional wins, and consistently high placings.


Ben Pakulski –

Ben Pakulski bodybuilding 2012 Most Muscular Pose bodybuilding

Ben Pakulski is an IFBB Pro Canadian bodybuilder, and until his most recent showing had a star / celebrity  that was on the rise thanks to his high placings as well as an appearance in the Film Generation Iron (Article: Has Ben Pakulski Peaked?) Born in 1981 in Toronto Ontario Canada, Ben began to show an interest in sports and nutrition at just 12 years of age. He began training seriously in his mid- to – late teens and began placing very well at various shows local Canadian contests. As the years went by, he packed on more muscle and actually won the prestigious Mr. Canada title back in the year 2008, as well as placing 2nd at numerous IFBB qualifying national / international competitions. People began to take Ben extremely seriously as a pro bodybuilder, after placing 11th at his very first Mr Olympia competition, where simply qualifying for the show itself is an incredible feat in itself, as well as a 2nd place finish at the Arnold Classic in 2013. Recently, it would seem Ben has hit a plateau in his career, but he is still young and has plenty of time to make necessary adjustments to bring back that winning package or even improve upon it.