IA Daily: Fred Smalls, Arnold Brazil 2015

admin April 13, 2015 Comments

In case you missed it, Fred “Biggie” Smalls was quietly one of the busiest men in bodybuilding last year. Going back to 2013 when he competed in the Arnold Europe and Prague Pro, Smalls competed in over a dozen contests, placing top-ten or higher on six separate occasions.

Since earning his pro card at the 2010 Nationals, Smalls has done his homework and really transformed himself into an athlete that’s capable of standing next to the biggest and best competitors in the sport – when he’s on his game. If there’s been one Achilles heel that he’s had throughout his career, it’s been that he just can nail down the formula that’ll allow him to consistently nail his conditioning. Now, after a few months of rest from the stage and plenty of good heavy-training (guided by Paul Carter of Lift-Run-Bang,) Smalls is beginning to dial things in as he prepares for what promises to be one of the most anticipated shows of the year, the Arnold Classic Brazil.

George Farah_Kai Greene_Branch Warren_Dexter Jackson

Since linking up with George Farrah nearly two years ago, Smalls has packed on plenty of new muscle each of his past few offseason, and this year appears to be no exception. But if he has any hope of being more than just the most entertaining poser of the evening in Rio, he’s going to have to bring in a level of conditioning unlike anything we’ve seen from his thus far in order to hang with the likes of Victor, Cedric, and Ramy.

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