IA Daily: Fred Smalls, Big Things in 2015

admin March 31, 2015 Comments

Fred Smalls, the 2010 NPC Nationals Heavyweight and Overall champFred Smalls_Posing Routineion, has come into his own both on and off the stage over these past few years. Working with strength coach Paul Carter of Lift-Run-Bang, slowly but surely Smalls has been adding size in all the right places, maintaining his lines while appearing to be be packing on some much needed density and thickness.

Last season was a bit of a career year for Smalls, who finished 2014 with four top ten finishes added to his ever expanding resume. After struggling with consistency for his first few years on the pro stage, since linking up with George Farrah Smalls has really seemed to figure out the formula for hitting the stage in shape, without sacrificing too much of his fullness.

After a few months off to recover, reboot, and grow, it looks like Smalls is ready to kick things up into high gear again and take tackle 2015 head on. Assuming trend of upward success continues, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Smalls lands himself in the winner’s circle by the year’s end, at a minimum it’s almost a guarantee he will attain some more “Best Poser’ awards on the journey as well.

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