“’Full Size’ Mechano Growth Factor found on eve of Winter Olympics”

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“So here we are, on the eve of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have realized that there is a new, undetectable, anabolic drug on the market. They say they’re shocked over this new drug, Mechano Growth Factor, and how it’s not only undetectable, but…good lord, it’s available on the black market!

If you’re one of my long-time readers, you might recall that I wrote a rather lengthy article about various peptides, including Mechano Growth Factor, in 2006, a few months after I’d first used the stuff. I suppose I was late to the game, because the scientist who did much of the pioneering work on this hormone, Goldspink, identified it as a potential candidate for doping in February of 2005.

IGF Hardcore Peptides Olympics SteroidsIts somewhat clumsy name comes from the fact that it is the Insulin-like Growth Factor splice variant that we find secreted in response to any kind of mechanical force (as you’d see with muscle extension and contraction); a less sexy name would be IGF-1Ec. I have used it myself, and I have used it (in the past) to help clients beat doping tests:

“Testosterone, IGF-1, MGF, and Growth Hormone are naturally occurring hormones, so their inclusion in a drug-tested cycle is a no-brainer.”

I even noted with surprise in 2012 that a very well-done study on IGF-1 and sports doping failed to mention that it was likely being used by athletes:

“…the authors recognize that they are leaving out a myriad of potential doping candidates, some of which they mention (undetectable steroids, Insulin, hGH, estrogen receptor antagonists) and some of which they do not (Mechano Growth Factor, S107, MK-2866, GH2, SARMs like S4 etc.).”

So how does it work? Well, in response to exercise, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone initiates the secretion of Growth Hormone (obviously), which in turn triggers the release of IGF-1, the hormone thought to be primarily responsible for the anabolic effects of the latter. Based on current research, locally produced IGF-1 is the most likely hormonal candidate for activating myogenesis, aka muscle growth, by influencing satelite cells.

The dominant isoform of exercise respondant IGF-1 is Mechano Growth Factor, which is expressed locally during musculomechanical overload. Most of the research, and I’m generally talking rodent data, shows that it’s far more effective than either hGH or IGF-1 for producing strength and size. Personally, I’ve always cycled it in conjunction with the latter, and always at double the dose (100mcg & 200mcg, injected locally post-workout, in the trained muscles), prior to stretching (I stretch after training, and a recent study suggests that MGF can even make stretching anabolic.).

I haven’t used the stuff in awhile, but that brings me to our current point, i.e. that here we are in 2014, and WADA is just finding out about MGF: nine years after it was first identified as a candidate for illicit sports doping, and eight years after it became available on the black market. Either WADA is very, very stupid, or they’re pretending to be surprised, because otherwise everyone would know that athletes have been beating their tests with this drug for almost a decade.

And no, I’m not going to tell you where to get it.”

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