Greg Kovacs: Bodybuilder Profile

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Greg Kovacs was born on December 16, 1968 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. From a young age Greg participated in bodybuilding, and in his early 20s had already attained professional status in the IFBB. Kovacs earned his IFBB pro-card at the Canadian Nationals in 1996. Prior to his Canadian Nationals win, Kovacs had a brief stint as a student of electrical engineering as well as participating in organized hockey leagues, before pursuing a professional bodybuilding career.

At one point in his career Greg was considered “the strongest bodybuilder” in the history of bodybuilding. He earned this enormous reputation throughout the 90’s with his large muscles and  mass building ability. According to Muscle Insider, Greg Kovacs stood 6’4”  and 420 pounds in weight during the peak of his off-season and would step on stage reportedly well over 300lbs. With his 70 inches chest and 35 inches colossal leg, Greg also managed to develop over 27 inch arms in the peak of his career. It was this monster physique that him the cover of FLEX Magazine in 1997.

Greg Kovacs Bodybuilder Flex 1997

A true mass monster, Greg had difficulty to find success on stage in the professional league. Having struggled out the gate, Greg never got the placings many of his fans desired for him.  Nearly a decade after the start of his career, Greg would place 13th at Arnold Classic in the year 2004, and retire the following year in 2005 after failing to place at the IFBB Toronto Pro (A home game of sorts for the Canadian.)

After his exodus from bodybuilding it was not all roses for Greg as he went through a number of legal debacles. On top of a divorce that had a very negative impact on Greg, in November 29, 2010, the pro bodybuilder was charged with extortion when a nutritional store owner reported Kovacs’s involvement in the incident in which the store owner was threatened by a group, including Kovacs, who was demanding the owner to withdraw a large amount of money from his bank account. The result was Greg had to spend a few months with the alphabet boys (Jail.) Upon his release Greg briefly jumped back into the world of bodybuilding on the media side, including some limited coverage for sites such as RX muscle but most of these jobs were short-lived.

Unfortunately, Greg Kovacs died due to heart attack at the age of 44 on November 22, 2013, leaving behind his parents and two sisters. At the time of his death it had been almost a decade since Greg had competed, and when he passed Greg was still younger than some of his counterparts that are competing on the professional stage to this day and finding a level of success, so to say this death was a surprise would be an understatement, though many were quick to note the many size Greg had held all these years and wondered if that was a contributing factor to his health issues.

Though his time was cut short on this earth, it is obvious that Greg always lived big, and despite of being the biggest bodybuilder of the world, he was the humbler human being and possessed the typical dry sense of Canadian humor, eh.