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NO ONE WANTS IT TODAY. unless its made for them. unless its “easy”. today where we are is that we have become spoiled brats who want it all but don’e want to work for it. i see it daily. its amazing to me on how people can live in a such a way. you see it on social media all the time. how “easy” it all is and how “easy” it is to get it. i have learned from personal experience that things that come “easy” come with a price. and that price is usually the exhaustion of time itself. no one sees this price but its funny to me on how many people are willing to pay it for the “easy” way out. thanx to social media..its being portrayed as such when in fact it isn’t. everybody wants the glory and pride but no one is willing to put the blood and sweat to make it happen.

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back in the 70s and 80s…there was no “easy way out”. hell no social media so you had no idea what your competition looked like or what they were doin. you had no choice but to GRIT AND GRIND. everyone has watched pumping iron? that’s what it was all about. blood. sweat. the tears was wasted on the competitors that were beaten by you. why? cause you out worked their asses. you were the hurricane that no amount of preparation could help defend against. those guys back then worked their asses off during training so they didn’t need to waste any tears when it came time to do battle…whether it was onstage or on the platform. tears led to excuses. it was all about the GRIT AND GRIND back then. slowly but surely over time we’ve gone away from that GRIT AND GRIND. we’ve become focused on excuses…we’ve grown to accept shortcomings….we’ve gone from accepting responsibility to either pointing fingers and/or blaming circumstances. i’ll be the first one to say that i’ve WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. so let me tell you i’m hardly perfect and far from it but i have learned that i rather soak my time in the blood and sweat of the GRIT AND GRIND rather than waste it living in the life excuses and shortcomings. in todays world…we have more boys and girls than men and women. people rather give up and quit as an “easy” way out rather than push hard…learn and grow and evolve as a person…as an athlete. its why when i wrote about RUM back last year…why only the athletes i saw made it to that platform…the same goes for those who make it to the mr. olympia stage…only a few can make it there cause those are the few that are willing to do what it takes to make it there…thru GRIT AND GRIND.

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GRIT AND GRIND. that’s what its about. it reminds me of bodybuilders and powerlifters who trained their asses off day in an day out. no special training method. no super secret formula. just hard fuckin work and just like hard work…some of it requires a little blood and sweat. no one today wants to get their hands dirty anymore to do what is necessary to get the work done to achieve a vision. i get messages day in an day out from people lookin or “fishin” for that easy answer. hell i have one for ya. consistency. hard fkin work. doin shit the “right” way…cause doin it the right way requires hard work. nobody wants to push hard past the tought shit anymore.  none of this was ever meant to be easy or ever going to be easy. there will be tough times…question is will you push thru with GRIT AND GRIND and keep pushing no matter the amount of blood and sweat you lose? its an easy answer to answer but even harder to find the balls to commit to it. that’s how boys become men… that’s how girls become women. thru that pure GRIT AND GRIND that forms that resolve to never quit, never satisfied, and to find the testicular fortitude to aim higher once you reach your goals. there’s a reason why those who accept their shortcomings and make excuses don’t make it to the top…more importantly…why those who remain with that “easy” way mentality are not remembered. we literally have babies who pout today people. that’s it.

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You want to be remembered? get your ass in gear. stop making excuses. stop lookin for the easy way out. all that time lookin for excuses could be a time that you can use to find ways to be better. NEWS FLASH!! there isn’t a magic formula. or a magic routine that will get you to the top. only thru GRIT AND GRIND can you get there. sure there will be pain…suffering…sacrifices….blood…sweat…but that’s the shit no one will speak of cause no one likes to get “dirty”.  lifting is a dirty business filled with blood..sweat…chalk…rust…and hell if the athletes were willing to bleed and sweat for what’s theirs…then what makes us better than them? it fkin doesn’t. struggles makes boys into men…makes girls into women. it makes them tougher for what’s ahead and what’s comin and if your not built for what’s comin you’ll fall apart like you weren’t worth a damn to begin with. TO be at the top you have to be made of something greater than you thought possible. anything less..won’t make it. it won’t hold up against the challenges at that level. people talk all day they want to be this..or that but lack the fkin guts necessary to shut the hell up and do the work necessary to make it happen. put yourself thru challenges…fkin face them all…they will make you stronger for the next challenge. there’s a mountain in front of you…and its a huge one…how will you fkin tackle it….with passion and hunger or give up before you even start just because its too much? no one wants your fkin excuses. they want to see your solution. no one wants to know your shortcomings….they want to know how you overcome them….no one wants your tears…just fkin learn, grow, and push harder. someone tells you can’t do somethin…then bring your ass to the gym and shove what they think up their collective asses day in and day out thru GRIT AND GRIND. cause what happens over time….you won’t give zero fks about what they think anymore. all that matters is three times… ARRIVE…DO WHAT THE HELL YOU WANT…LEAVE…AND REPEAT. OWN who you are and what your vision and OWN the blood and sweat you need to make it happen…and if you make excuses…fkin OWN IT AND MOVE ON!!  no matter what your faced with…face it head on…smack it around like it stole money…conquer it…and move on to the next one that stands before you. no one remembers the fallen…those who chose to be the dust to the wind rather than the hand that crushes the skull into dust. no one takes excuses seriously…so why make them?

 you want greatness? you have a vision and you want to have it? you answer for both questions…


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