Guess What, Steroids Make Your Penis Look Bigger!

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Likely one of the largest misconceptions about anabolic steroid use is its impact on the male genitalia and sexual performance. Because of the often taboo nature of the subject, the general lack of open and honest discussion has allowed an ignorance about the topic to carry-on throughout mainstream society. The result is it has become almost routine to come across stupid and ignorant posts by uneducated people such as the one below. Written by someone who clearly has no idea what they are talking about, yet feels free to publicly share their uneducated opinions on the topic, and in turn continue to promote the vicious cycle of ignorance that is commonplace in today’s society about steroids.

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Well guess what ladies and gentlemen, I have news for you. Not only do steroids often times have the ability to enhance sexual performance, but they also make your penis look bigger. They really are that awesome, when utilized correctly.

So how did this general ignorance yet interest in the subject of steroids get so embedded in our society? Is it not slightly odd that people are so focused on literally the most private area of a person’s body, I mean what the hell is the public’s infatuation with shrinking testicles and why does it matter so much to people?! I blame two things, baseball, and a general feeling of insecurity / lack of self-value in our society, which in turn makes people feel the desire to bring others down to their perceived level… Oh yeah, and stupidity, just general fuckin’ stupidity.

I blame baseball in part because of the role it held in issues pertaining to the public perception of steroids in the early 21st-century. Drugs are by no means unique to the sport, and baseball may not be directly to blame for producing the propaganda put forth by mainstream media during this period, but it’s mishandling of the ‘steroid saga’ (which MLB blindly acts as if has been resolved) served only as metaphorical gas to the media fire on the subject of performance enhancing drugs in sport, and the flames / media coverage of the topic quickly grew out of hand. As a consequence there was an extreme overreaction based on little information in many facets of American society. Ranging from watercooler talk at the office to heated debates on Congress, it was at this time when the American political propaganda machine played a major role in the development of these misconceptions about the impact of performance-enhancing drugs in sports and in general.

Instead of addressing the issues with a mature and adult public discussion about the subject of steroids at the time, the MLB tried to disassociate themselves from the topic entirely and allowed an unguided and uneducated debate to run rampant, spreading misinformation in it’s reverberating wakes for years to come. It was only when the subject became public that the MLB organization quickly changed face and condemned the very drugs that were largely responsible for the league’s surge of popularity in the late 90’s, that at the time the MLB was more than happy to embrace because of the added profits. While the MLB acted and continues to act as if drugs in their sport was a unique and rare occurrence, one so small that they had the power to address and resolve, the reality of the situation could not be further from the truth.

When the cat came out of the bag pertaining to drugs in sports, the mentality of ‘Man, I could do that shit if I was taking what he was’ rapidly became prevalent in every level and type of the sport. This backlash only continued to grow as a result of the veil being pulled back from the public’s eyes about the use of performance enhancing drugs at the highest levels of athletics. It was at this point many armchair quarterbacks felt comfortable to go out of their way to belittle the accomplishments of elite level athletes who had achieved things outside the thinkable realm of possibilities for these critics, and so when shit hit the metaphorical fan in baseball, these critics were the first ones to jump to excuses for their own lack of performance. Instead of facing the reality that they simply do not possess the talent required for success in athletics, they took a false moral high ground and excused their failures solely on their ‘moral’ decision not to use steroids (Sounds like some natural bodybuilders I know.)

Yes, I am talking to you Joe Biden. No, you would not have made it into major-league baseball with or without steroids.

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This armchair quarterback mentality transfers from sport into daily life, and that is how foolish statements such as “everything shrinks” are developed and spread. Because surely to the critic, there is no possible way that someone could have so many facets of their life in balance, especially if the critic themselves doesn’t possess these same attributes. Instead of finding motivation or striving to achieve this success, the critic feels the need to try to write off other’s accomplishments with whatever excuses he or she can find to justify their own choices and existence.

“Oh, he’s attractive but not into me, fine, I will convince myself I don’t want him anyways by telling myself he must have a small penis due to drugs”

“If he is bigger than me, better looking, maybe even smarter, he must have a smaller penis, at least because of the drugs”

These are just small samples but demonstrate a much larger trend of people attempting to drag others down to their self perceived level of value. As much false comfort as they may find in these statements, it is still a reflection upon themselves more than anyone they are attempting to criticize, as this process demonstrates their own self imposed need to justify their value and life decisions.

As if it wasn’t enough to attempt to belittle and discredit someone’s athletic achievements, these critics feel the need to strike as deeply as they think possible by attacking arguably the most intimate area of the human body. Yet time and time again these statements serve only as a reflection of both their lack of maturity (grown adults in litteral cock measuring contests) as well as their general lack of knowledge about the subject of performance-enhancing drugs and the actual effects these powerful compounds have. The physiological fact of the matter is it is near impossible for steroids to shrink your penis. What does happen, is the excessive estrogen readings by the body (caused by increased aromatization) triggers a negative feedback loop, that when stimulated sends the message telling the body to shut down natural testosterone production. In response to these signals the testes no longer produce at the same rate and begin to lessen or fully halt production, and so inherently size is then decreased. This process however has absolutely zero impact on the size of the penis, and in fact because of this testicular shrinkage it may actually result in the penis looking bigger by sheer comparison. This myth based purely in propaganda and jealousy has gone on long enough, and there is no excuse for ignorance like this to be so freely flaunted in the 21st-century.

So when you are attempting to insult someone’s genitalia because of anabolic steroid use, what are you really making fun of? I promise you this, I have never heard of a female complaining that “I just wish you had bigger balls”

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