IA Daily: Hidetada Yamagishi Arnold Odds

admin February 13, 2015 Comments

Will 2015 be the Year of the Dragon? According to some of the noise coming out of Hidetada Yamagishi’s camp there may be a potential upset in the works just over three weeks from now when some of the world’s best 212 athletes are set to take the stage and do battle at the Arnold Classic.

However, despite whatever preshow hype his crew may be trying to drum up, the fact remains that Hide has a few major hurdles in front of him that go by the names Raymond, Correa, and Clark – all of whom are looking at or near close to their all-time best as we approach the show.

Hidetada Yamagishi at the 2014 Arnold Classic

Hidetada Yamagishi at the 2014 Arnold Classic

Hidetada Yamagishi quietly managed to put together a very impressive year in 2014 that included a 4th place finish at last year’s Arnold Classic, a win at the Tampa Pro Show, and a 4th place finish at the Olympia. After battling through injuries during much of the 2012-12 contest seasons, last year we finally saw a healthy Hide regain his old form and reassert himself as one of the top forces in the 212 division.

If Hide hopes to take the next step up the ladder and contend for a top slot at one of the sport’s biggest contest, he’s going to need a little bit of help from the competition.

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