Hustled by Rob Bailey and the ‘Hustle Standard’

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To the delight of Instagram warriors, the cult of duck-lipped Bailey devotees, and people apparently void of any musical taste, Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard released their latest musical abortion, ‘GO’. ‘Hustle Standard’ is a very fitting moniker for the synthesizer-laced, white-boy rap, imitation industrial turd presented in high-fidelity. This music is a hustle, it’s a racket preying on the same morons who religiously buy their clothing and prey to the cult of Dana. In the Flag nor Fail website it says ‘Every single print we create is unique…. From the amount of ink applied and laid on the item, to the registration of the art, to the placement on the item; all of these factors change slightly from shirt to shirt”. Yes, this process is called SCREEN-PRINTING. Rob Bailey has learned the techniques of marketing quite well, and managed to sell his own brand of generic repugnant music to the herd.

screen printing ancient asian

Sorry Rob, but Screen Printing
has been around for centuries…

Recently, on another site a reviewer gave the music a ‘glowing review’, stating this was a new genre of music somewhere in between rap, punk and metal. This music is not a ‘new genre’, if anything this a very poor man’s version of AWOLNATION, with much worse lyrics. The reviewer mentioned the inspirational tidbit “I always want to be in control of my fucking life…”, as if this is supposed to get the herd pumped up with adrenaline, ready to SMASH THE WEIGHTS. Can more generic lyrics be written? What is the alternative, not to be in control of your life? In essence, this music is symbolic of everything wrong with the fitness industry. Stale ideas, hyper-marketing, and a product that is a well-polished turd for the faux-hawk sporting, 170lb weight-room warrior.

In a previous article ‘Iron and Music Keeps Me Together I noted some of the music I had found inspirational in the past, including Black Flag and Pantera. These musicians released motivating music, which will stand the test of time. Long after ‘Flag Nor Fail’ is a faded memory and Rob Bailey is no longer cashing in I-Tunes checks, the albums ‘My War’ and ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ will be blasting through MP3 players, car stereos and home stereo systems for future generations to enjoy. The music released by Rob Bailey and his sidekick here is not only cringe worthy, it is entirely forgettable. ‘Beats by Jay’ was considered a joke by the entire bodybuilding community, and was lauded as auditory abortion by Jay Cutler trying to cash in on anything he could. This new release by Duck Lipped Bailey’s husband is relatively the same thing.

This is music for the fan-boys who are devoid of any musical taste and rational thinking. If you purchase this album, you are not only part of the problem, you are the problem. Be completely honest with yourself. What is redeeming about this release? The lyrics are atrociously generic, the music is 3rd-rate at best and it is marketed towards the lowest common denominator. This is music that could only originate from the very worst segment of the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Even someone like Kevin Levrone, with his Creed inspired Alt-Rock far surpassed this in quality and creativity. If you enjoy this album, do us all a favor and plug it into your IPOD and lay down on the tracks and wait for the locomotive to come zipping by, leaving yourself as a corpse. This will help clear up the gene pool, and make a better future for all of us. The very first step in ‘being in control of your life’ is to not be hustled by Rob Bailey and the ‘Hustle Standard’.

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