IA Daily: Lukas Wyler, 2015 Arnold Am. Champion

admin March 12, 2015 Comments

Lukas Wyler 2015 IFBB Arnold Amateur Over the years the Arnold Amateur has unearthed some of the best bodybuilding talent in the sport. Within the last few years names like Big Ramy, Roman Fritiz, and Iain Valliere have announced their named to the world in dramatic fashion, as they made their way from obscure amateurs into household names. The next competitor to add his name to that prestigious list might be this year’s Super-Heavyweight and Overall winner, Swiss bodybuilder Lukas Wyler.

After finishing a disappointing 7th at the 2014 Arnold Amateur, Wyler apparently went back to the drawing board and found a way to really make dramatic improvements to his physique over the last calendar year.

From a structural standpoint: Wyler has big quads, wide shoulders, and impressive overall thickness from the front and side. But if he wants to elevate himself to the next level, and find his name mentioned alongside past winners as one of the rising stars in the sport, he needs to recalculate his approach one more time and find a way pack on the size further round-out his physique a bit more, before he tests the waters on an IFBB stage.

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