IA Daily: IFBB PRO Tricky Jackson, A Quarter-Century of Kicking ASS

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Over the last decade there haven’t been many athletes who are more consistent consummate professionals than 212 standout Tricky Jackson.

Tricky Jackson 2001NPC

Jackson, 2001

Tricky made his first appearance on a National stage nearly three decades ago, back in 1989, and since has managed to transform himself not only into a champion of the 212 circuit, having multiple-wins, his most recent coming at the 2011 Iowa Pro. Not only is Tricky a great bodybuilder, but he’s also one of the sport’s best entertainers; with his creative and original posing routines, that complimented with his awesome physique have raised the standards for other professionals.

Last season, Tricky managed to work his way into the 10 ten at three separate contests, including a very impressive 8th place finish at the Arnold Classic where he took on a 212 lineup loaded with mini-mass monsters.

This past offseason Tricky linked up with coach Trey Hodge, who’s the mad scientist behind the the jaw dropping progress we’ve seen from fellow 212 running-mate, Charles Dixon over these past few seasons. Jackson has announced that he plans on making his 2015 debut ten weeks from now, at the Omaha Pro Show. Given the success that Hodge has been able to engineer with Dixon, IFBB Physique Pro Leila Thompson, and Bill Wilmore, it’s a safe bet to say that Jackson is going to be hitting the stage with both feet running, and should make things very interesting if he shows up at his all-time best.

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