IA Daily: Iain Valliere’s IFBB Bodybuilding Debut (Orlando)

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Maybe it’s the maple syrup, but our Canadian neighbors to the North have been cranking out some absolute monsters over the past few years, tonight proved to be no exception. In a stacked lineup of large veteran competitors, Canadian native and 2014 Amateur Olympia Champion, Iain Valliere made an impressive professional debut at the IFBB Orlando Europa bodybuilding championships.

Iain Valliere_Orlando_IFBB_Bodybuilding

Since joining the growing stable of monsters under the tutelage of Team Menace, Valliere’s physique appears to have gone to yet another level of development. According to Valliere, he’s put on over twenty pounds of solid muscle since we last saw him take the stage. While the scale can sometimes lie, the pictures certainly do not.

Valliere brought arguably the best conditioning of the show, only sacrificing some size to a lineup consisting of Veteran Mass-Monsters. As one of the youngest rookie professionals, Valliere managed to bring a level of conditioning, that highlights his powerful structure and sleek lines, earning him the right to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Fouad Abiad and other top pros as they battled it out in the first-callout. He will need more mass to be competitive at a higher level (while maintaining awesome lines,) but he’s got plenty of time and room on his frame to do just that. A great start to a potentially bright professional career.


Valliere on the Far-Right

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