IA Daily: IFBB Dallas Europa Report (2015)

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The bodybuilding world invaded the Longhorn state over the weekend, for another exciting edition of the Dallas Europa. It didn’t take long to see that this year’s lineup was once again loaded from top to bottom with exceptional depth, starting first and foremost with the winner of the Men’s Open Bodybuilding, Fred “Biggie” Smalls.

Fred Smalls_Dallas Europa_IFBB_2015

Smalls has quietly been having the best year of his career thus far, and whatever concoction he and coach George Farah have cooked up is apparently working; because throughout the course of the season we’ve seen a much bigger and sharper version of Biggie Smalls than we’ve in the past. Not to be overlooked, both second and third place finishers Renaldo Gairy and Akim Williams were notably impressive in their own right. In the case of Gairy, he certainly flew way under the radar heading into this show; although he displayed some flashes of what might be to come a few weeks earlier at the Toronto Pro Show, where he placed a respective sixth.

Akim Williams_Dallas IFBB_2015_arms

Akim Williams

Akim Williams also brought in what was far and away his best look ever. Williams is without a doubt one of the freakiest, most densely muscled athletes in the sport. And the fact that he appears to be in the early stages of “figuring it out” should be completely terrifying for the competition.

Kyung Won Kang_212_Dallas If you happened to be the one person in the universe who bet your entire life savings and the deed to your house on a Kyung Won Kang, Sami Al Haddad, Craig Richardson top three in the 212 division congratulations – you are now a very rich (wo)man.

Kang, the South Korean native, showed up looking absolutely fantastic, and was well deserving of earning both the win and snagging the Olympia qualification. Second place finisher Sami Al Haddad looked amazing as always, but just didn’t quite enough muscle or conditioning to out duel Kang in either category, which is what ultimately relegated him to the runner up position. Rounding out the top three was the resurgent Craig Richardson who apparently discovered a time machine during his content prep and brought back a look reminiscent of his prime circa eight years ago.

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