IA Daily: Lookout For Iain Valliere!

admin January 20, 2015 Comments

If we were going to compile a list of young, rising future stars in the sport of bodybuilding, it wouldn’t take long before we came to the name of Iain Valliere.

iain valliere ifbb pro bodybuilder 2014 canadian The Canadian bodybuilding sensation took the industry by storm earlier in the year when he blew away the competition at the Arnold Amateur in Mexico City where he won both the Heavyweight and Overall titles in convincing fashion.

Valliere, '07 vs '14

Valliere, ’07 vs ’14

Valliere has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years, packing, on nearly thirty pounds of solid muscle, and now it appears that he’s finally ready to unleash his fury on an IFBB stage. With only four weeks to go until he officially begins his contest prep, it’ll be quite interesting to see if he can hang on to all of that new muscle while still maintaining the razor sharp conditioning we saw from him last year.

From the waist down Valliere already possesses weapons of mass destruction capable of wreaking in any lineup, but as the old bodybuilding adage goes “Shows are won and lost from the back”, and it remains to be seen whether or not he has enough quality muscle to jump right in and stand shoulder to shoulder against some of the sports battle tested veterans.

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