IFBB Mike Morris Interview Preview: Milos Sarcev’s Last Minute Chemical Preparation

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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Mike Morris sat down with Iron Affinity for an hour long conversation that touched on practically ALL facets of bodybuilding, in an open and candid interview. In this clip Mike describes watching Milos Sarcev’s last minute chemical preparations (from slin to esceline) before they faced off at the Hungarian IFBB Pro in 2003… if you enjoyed this clip, it’s just one minute of an hour 😉

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Mike Morris 2003 IFBB Pro


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  2. Milos Sarcev says:

    Well…Mike simply said that he was amazed with one hour transformation – from looking like a ”regular guy” and hour later like a professional bodybuilder, who managed to beat him on the stage that day…It was always ENIGMA to many people how I can change myself or some of my athletes in matter of only few days or better yet – in the last hour before the competition…and they would be able only to assume what I am doing…Mike mentioned two things: insulin and esiclene (formebolone) and anyone who knows anything about bodybuilding should know that esiclene was discontinued back in 1997…so certainly it was not available in 2003 when we competed in Hungary…Insulin on another hand is obviously something that I am known for…And, as I said many times – it can be your best friend or the worst enemy…depending how you use it…It can absolutely kill you if you don’t know what you are doing…so you better learn before you would ever attempt using it. I did consultations throughout a years teaching many pros and amateurs how to use it…and I am still available…

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